EUROVISION 1961: Cannes, France

Eurovision 1961 Songs

The sixth Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 was held in Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

It was the first ever contest to take place on a Saturday night and due to the show over-running the winner’s song was not shown again at the end in the UK – bummer!

A total of sixteen countries took part in the contest, including the three debuting countries: Finland, Spain, and Yugoslavia.

The United kingdom entered The Allisons who sang “Are You Sure? Remember when Ant & Dec were actually popstars? This is Ant & Dec’s dads! They weren’t quite ready to rumble as they finished in 2nd place – great effort!

Conchita Bautista from Spain was sang “Estando Contigo”  (Being With You). Spain’s first ever entry and it’s started to happen – the costumes are getting bigger.

The entry from Monaco was performed by Colette Deréal with the song “Allons, Allons Les Enfants” (Come On, Come On Children). This lady really wished she was in The Sound Of Music but they were having none of that!

Austria were represented by Jimmy Makulis singing “Sehnsucht” (Longing). Yes, longing – for the song to end!

Finland’s song title was “Valoa Ikkunassa” (The Lights In The Window) and was sung by Laila Kinnunen. The first entry from Finland and they opted to enter Susan Boyle – at least she remembered her words!

Ljiljana Petrović from Yugoslavia sang  “Neke Davne Zvezde” (Some Ancient Stars). Curiously she came dressed for a funeral.

Greetje Kauffeld from The Netherlands performed the song “Wat Een Dag” (What A Day). I’m not sure if she means it was a good day or a bad day but she seems happy enough.

Sweden were represented by Lill-Babs singing “April, April”.  Don’t be expecting Lill Babs to come out all gangsta rapping although she does whistle like a m***** f***er!

Lale Andersen sang “Einmal Sehen Wir Uns Wieder” (We’ll Meet Again) for GermanyDon’t mention the war! I did, once but I think I got away with it. Also, I think she calls someone a “ball bag” at 1:56.

Jean-Paul Mauric was up next for France singing “Printemps, Avril Carillonne” (Spring, April Rings).  My cat is called Bingo and she thought someone was calling her when she heard the start of this song – how funny. I LOVE this!

Franca di Rienzo flew the flag for Switzerland with a song called “Nous Aurons Demain” (We’ll Have Tomorrow). No, you won’t it’s a one night show sweetheart!

Bob Benny performed for Belgium with the song “September, Gouden Roos” (September, Golden Rose). Bob Benny belted this out for Belgium but he was bottom of the board and came last.

Nora Brockstedt was back for Norway and sang a song that at least made some kind of sense this time “Sommer I Palma” (Summer In Palma). After the song Nora cut her finger on her fake flower – bloody Nora!

Denmark were represented by Dario Campeotto singing “Angelique”. This is in black and white but his suit is still blinding me – I wonder how it looked in colour?

Italy put forward a lady with the least Italian sounding name ever – Betty Curtis. She sounds more like a lady you would have sitting on the checkout in your local supermarket and funnily enough Betty sang a song called “Al di là” (Beyond).

And the winners? Jean-Claude Pascal from Luxembourg took home the gong for his country with a song called “Nous Les Amoureux” (We Are The Lovers). I can’t say for sure but I think this man is holding a big knife behind his back and is ready for some murder!

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

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