We danced with her on Saturday night, but by Tuesday morning she had disappeared!

On 11th September 1994, 24 year old Sannie Carlson achieved the impossible, by knocking Wet Wet Wet from the top of the UK singles chart! After fifteen weeks of “Love Is All Around”, the music buying public had a taste for something different.

Dee dee na na na…

The Danish singer came from out of nowhere to take the top spot in 11 countries worldwide with her infectious, maybe irritating anthem, that clubbers everywhere could just about cope with! She followed the success of “Saturday Night” with “Another Day”, another plinky-plonky anthem that reached the top 10 in 13 countries in late 1994-early 1995.

1995 brought two more big hits with “Think of You” and “Close To You” and that Christmas she even released her version of Wham’s “Last Christmas”!

Since then Whigfield has continued to record, but without much success. Her last charted hit was “Sexy Eyes” in 1996, which reached No.6 in Australia and No.68 in the UK.

In 2018, she competed to represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Boys On Girls”, now working as ‘Sannie’, but did not go through to the Superfinal. In April 2020, Whigfield released a brand new song, “Suga”. See what you think…

Whigfield now

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  1. Whigfield was a huge music fraud in the 90s & 2000s, the real singer was the great British singer-songwriter Annerley Gordon from 1993 (Saturday Night) to 2011 (To Feel Alive – Oral tunerz). Sannie Carlson was just a vulgar model who was chosen by the producers to be the face of the Italo-dance project, becoming into a talentless lip sync model for many years. It was 2011 when Sannie started singing with a lot of autotune (to improve her limited voice) as Whigfield, she started singing & composing in 2005 to collaborate with various artists tho.

  2. The word fairy stole my last comment so I gladly return to try again. Whigfield was one of many who dissapeared but I will remember her … my daughter and friends practiced “The Dance” until it was perfect. Those that made a few records then disapeared probably earned enough in the 80’s, with the last of the cd single buying generation. Good luck to Whigfield she gave many young girls hours of fun.

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