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PLAYLIST: The Best ’90s Playlists On Spotify

What are the best ’90s playlists on Spotify?

by Caroline from Culture Coverage

Caroline from Culture Coverage shares her ’90s playlists with Talk About Pop Music…

With the ’90s more than a decade behind us, it’s hard to remember any of the pop charts ever included hits from Ginuwine, Santana and R.E.M. However, one dive into Spotify and you don’t have to reminisce about the good old days; you can listen to them.

From candy pop to hip-hop loving, these five playlists are the answers to getting the much-needed time machine you’ve always wanted. Head back to the days of neon windbreakers, Vans and Oakleys. For the international listeners, prep to get full access to the American library with a Virtual Private Network like those reviewed by Secure Thoughts—it’s the tool to keep your stream open and all your tunes coming in clear.

Grab your headphones or your old-school boom box—these hit playlists aim to please.

Best Britpop Anthems of the ’90s by Boston Phoenix

The first jam on this great compilation is “Common People” by Pulp, which is an excellent indicator that this selection is for toe tappers, air guitarists and even the occasional headbangers. Add in a little bit of Blur, plenty of Lush and a touch of The Verve for a playlist that rocks internationally and proves that Anglophilia is always trendy.

For all those wannabe guitarists who are learning “Wonderwall” in their bedrooms, tune into the favorites of Oasis and their contemporaries for a rediscovery of these amazing hits.

90’s alt by Stephanie Hope Georgopulos

Blink-182 fans will love this trip back down the alternative rabbit hole because Stephanie’s playlist of alternative must-listens is genre perfect for ’90s lovers.

Radiohead, Fastball and Cake are here for round two to take over your favorite tunes in style. Reminisce with The Presidents of the United States of America’s “Peaches,” Sublime’s “Santeria” and Hootie and the Blowfish’s “I Go Blind” for good measure.

#TBT: ’90s Playlist by Teen Vogue

One look at the creator of this playlist and it should tell you everything about the music that lies within. It’s catchy, it’s pop-y, and it’s definitely for the tweeny-girl bop lover in everyone. From *NSYNC and Enrique Iglesias to TLC and Sugar Ray, this is for the girl power junkie who remembers the age of Giga Pets, rollerblades and trying to get your crush to hand over his mood ring so you could wear it on a chain around your neck.

Jam to “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer, “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors, and “Always Be My Baby” by the diva Mariah Carey and remember what it was like to be a ’90s pop princess.

VH1’s 40 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of the 90s by VH1

This genre-specific jam session is for listeners who remember how nightclubs used to be filled with something other than Skrillex and EDM. With Cypress Hill, DMX, Juvenile, The Notorious B.I.G. and the Beastie Boys, one listen will throw you back to slow neighborhood drives grooving to Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life,” and it will be as if Y2K never happened. The hip-hop anthems that appear on this playlist are favorites from the Hot 100 charts, and like all great music, they keep getting better with age.

90’s – The Best of Greatest Ultimate List by WBR

This Warner Brothers Records mix is 300 songs strong into the decade. In addition to the greats —Matchbox 20, Usher, Bjork—they’ve also got more indie favorites—Deep Blue Something, Letters to Cleo, Dishwalla—to round out the best playlist I’ve ever listened to. Jam to Sister Hazel’s “All for You” and then go right into “Sunny Came Home” by Shawn Colvin. Follow it all up with “Welcome to Paradise” by genre favorite Green Day. What can be said about these that hasn’t already been said before? Absolutely nothing, except that there’s over 15 hours of awesomeness on this all-inclusive jam session, and everything sounds better the more you listen. Head here for the jams.

You can be a fan of Eagle Eye Cherry or Soundgarden, but it doesn’t matter because these playlists are here to cover them all. Check out these hits from yesteryear and then leave me a comment about your favorite jams or if you’ve got a playlist that would be a perfect addition to this article. I’m always open to new (vintage) listens!

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