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FRESH: ‘Stuck In The Sun’ – The Herron Brothers

Are YOU “Stuck In The Sun”? Then check out the fantabulous new single from The Herron Brothers!

by Christopher Smith

Welcome to the world of The Herron Brothers.
Their debut single “Stuck In The Sun” is out now.
Taken from their debut album “The Last One’s Left”, released in September.

Paul and Steven Herron, being actual brothers, have played and sang together for a lifetime. Hailing from the most north eastern borders of England, they are living proof of the old but clumsy adage, “Sharing the bath water results in musical osmosis”.

Up until 2014 they fronted Derby’s The Sons, but now they are back stronger than ever as a duo and have since created their aptly named forthcoming album “The Last One’s Left”. Their first single “Stuck In The Sun” has a tongue-in-cheek video celebrating the three days of sunshine the brothers have collectively seen in Derby this year so far, it’ll make you want to throw your computer in the bin and dance in the temperamental English summer sun.

“It’s all about classic pop music says Paul Herron. Picture the lyrical canniness and refreshing melodies of Paul Simon, mixed with the overarching Beatle-esque harmonies of Crowded House, glued together with Knopfler/Coxon/Marr guitar runs, and you have something totally at odds with the current fashions of the contemporary music scene. Which is what we’re secretly longing for isn’t it?

Whilst melody rich bands like Coldplay and U2 have become vanilla Mr Whippy vendor versions of themselves, and bands like Oasis and Radiohead (the pre ‘98 versions) could only entertain and dazzle the radio singalongers for so long, The Herron Brothers can now emerge with songs that glow in primary colours stacked back to back in your streaming rack.

Whilst in interviews and live shows a sense of fun and “what are they going to say next?” tends to pervade the air, the songs themselves are marked throughout with a melancholy at perfect odds with the catchy melodies and seemingly carefree approach to performance.

Live highlights of the past two years include two glorious hometown shows with The Bluetones and Toploader, a headline appearance at Y-Not festival, and perhaps the ultimate midlands accolade, turning on the Derby Christmas lights!

With a second single due to drop in August ahead of September’s full album release on its way – Paul and Steven are currently in the mixing and mastering suite, putting the finishing touches to the songs that they’ll somewhat reluctantly hand custody of over to you later this year. Keep a look out for the UK tour dates to be announced soon and see what all the fuss is about.

12th October – Surf Café – Tynemouth
13th October – The Drawing Room – Chesham
17th October – Quad Cafe Bar – Derby
19th October – Rub Smokehouse and Bar – Birmingham
22nd October – Jam Cafe – Nottingham

For more on The Herron Brothers including tour dates, check our their WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK page

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