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Cher – Iconic!

Written by Ashlinn Parsons

Iconic, so designated by last year’s Billboard Music Awards, is Cher.

Like all the others who have found fame on their one-name monikers, Cher is a powerhouse of past, present and future.

I myself am a “millennial” and Cher’s work first found place in my bedroom boombox at my 9th Christmas through a cover of Britney Spears.

It wasn’t until my dad pointed out that this song wasn’t a Britney original, (surprise, surprise), and that the melody began with Sonny and Cher. I then began to listen to her music, and found an appreciation for the singer and her lyrics.

Cher may have found first-tastes of fame with her then-husband, but she grew to be a force to reckon with all on her own.

With legendary songs like “Turn Back Time”, and “Believe”, Cher solidified her name atop the charts of pop music.

While being recognized for her lifetime achievements at the BBMAs, recently Cher is also a much talked about presence on social media. With Podcasts playing games like “SpamBot or Cher” which is, as the title suggests, a game to guess whether a given tweet came from a SpamBot or Cher, her reputation out lives herself on the premise of poorly and/or strategically placed capitalization and punctuation.

After a quick glance at Wikipedia, Cher has, according to the site, had four legitimate comebacks to music, but I beg the question: with that much rising from the ashes, was she ever really gone? It is clear that Cher has had her time in and away from the limelight in a career spanning over 5 decades, but her name, even now to people who didn’t grow up listening to her, lives on to be prominent. She uses her voice to support the causes she believes in, and isn’t afraid to go after those politicians she disagrees with.

Cher is a role model for not only a demographic, but for generations, and with her active voice in the community will be an inspiration for many to come, of this I am sure.

xo, Ashlinn

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