EUROVISION 1963: London, United Kingdom

Eurovision 1963 Songs

By Steve McSteveface

The eighth Eurovision Song Contest in 1963 was held in London.

Sorry – did the UK win the previous year? No, the BBC stepped in to host it as France were too skint to put on the show. Poor, poor France.

There was also some controversy caused during the voting process – ahhh the start of things to come!

A total of sixteen countries took part in the contest this year.

The United Kingdom entered Ronnie Carroll…again…who sang “Say Wonderful Things”. Never mind the saying of the wonderful things – he should have just asked people to vote for him!

Annie Palmen from The Netherlands sang “Een Speeldoos”  (A Musical Box). The Dutch title of the song did initially make me think she was going to be singing about “budgie smugglers” – sadly not but I can still pretend that’s what the song is actually about.

The entry from Germany was performed by Heidi Brühl with the song “Marcel” – this lady certainly brightened up the show!

Austria were represented by Carmela Corren singing “Vielleicht Geschieht Ein Wunder” (Maybe A Miracle Will Happen). Hmmm, and maybe it won’t…

Norway’s song title was “Solhverv” (Solstice) and was sung by Anita Thallaug. Wow – this lady loves her extreme close ups!

Emilio Pericoli from Italy sang  “Uno Per Tutte” (One For All). This dude brought photos of all the girls that have dumped him in the past for being a dick yet he still manages to smile. That’s the sign of a true muskateer!

Laila Halme from Finland performed the song “Muistojeni Laulu” (The Song Of My Memories). Any song that starts “la la la la la la la la la” is a winner in my book!

Yugoslavia were represented by Vice Vukov singing “Brodovi” (Ships).  Possibly…hopefully the Titanic?

Esther Ofarim sang “T’en Va Pas” (Don’t Go Away) for SwitzerlandWell, she can’t go away because someone has handcuffed this poor lady to the radiator!

Alain Barrière was up next for France singing “Elle Etait Si Jolie” (She Was So Pretty).  I agree, she was pretty but the question here is – what had Alain done to this pretty lady and where is she now?

José Guardiola flew the flag for Spain with a song called “Algo Prodigioso” (Something Marvellous). Oh do be quiet and just bring me my bill please.

Monica Zetterlund performed for Sweden with the song “En Gång I Stockholm” (Once In Stockholm). Sent from the Swedish tourist board to promote her country I think

Jacques Raymond performed for Belgium and sang “Waarom?” (Why?). Yes, why exactly is he singing about the noise a car makes? Waaroom, Varoom…

Monaco were represented by Françoise Hardy singing “L’amour S’en Va”” (Love Goes Away). Love possibly went away around about the same time as this lady’s stylist!

Luxembourg put forward Nana Mouskouri and sang a song called “À Force De Prier” (By The Might Of Prayer). Hang on, not the Nana Mouskouri surely? Yes, the one and only! Dressed like a slutty secretary and singing about praying. Hmmm, you don’t fool us Nana!

And the winners? Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann from Denmark topped the leader board in 1963 with a song called “Dansevise” (Dance Ballad). A Eurovision first. Some parts of this performance are actually done in outer space. Genius – well done Denmark!

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

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