EUROVISION 1964: Copenhagen, Denmark

Eurovision 1964 Songs

By Steve McSteveface

The ninth Eurovision Song Contest in 1964 was held in Copenhagen.

There was controversy in the fact that a political protest occurred after the Swiss entry: a man trespassed onto the stage holding a banner that read “Boycott Franco & Salazar“. Whilst this was going on, television viewers were shown a shot of the scoreboard; once the man was removed the contest went on.

Sweden did not take part due to a boycott by singers and Portugal participated for the first time only to end up with nul points!

Sadly, there is no surviving video footage of this contest – gutted! However, there is still audio – yay!

A total of sixteen countries took part in the contest this year.

The United Kingdom entered Matt Monro who sang “I Love The Little Things”. Bless him – someone should tell him bigger is better! He finished in 2nd place so – great effort Matt.

Hugues Aufray from Luxembourg sang “Dès Que Le Printemps Revient” (When Spring Returns). This guy sounds like he smokes a 60 pack a day and usually sits outside a café…

The entry from The Netherlands was performed by Anneke Grönloh with the song “Jij Bent Mijn Leven” (You Are My Life) – a really upbeat song and already I am missing seeing the video performances to go with the songs.

Norway were represented by Arne Bendiksen singing “Spiral”. The Norwegian Frank Sinatra…possibly…

Denmark’s song title was “Sangen Om Dig” (The Song About You) and was sung by Bjørn Tidmand. A song about me? Oh, how nice – cheers Bjorn!

Lasse Mårtenson from Finland sang  “Laiskotellen” (Idling). A song about doing nothing – now that’s my kind of song.

Udo Jürgens from Austria performed the song “Warum Nur Warum?” (Only Why, Why? ). I never thought that a song performed in German could be nice but this actually is a really nice song.

France were represented by Rachel singing “Le Chant De Mallory” (Mallory’s Song).  I hope she asked Mallory for permission to sing her song?

Nora Nova sang “Man Gewöhnt Sich So Schnell An Das Schöne” (How Quickly We Get Used To Nice Things) for GermanyFirstly, what a cool name. Secondly, she sounds like she’s got attitude!

Romuald was up next for Monaco singing “Où Sont-Elles Passées” (Where They Gone?).  If he’s asking about the video tapes – I think they got burned in a fire Rom. This song does remind me somewhat of “Stand By Me” in parts.

António Calvário flew the flag for Portugal for the first time with a song called “Oração” (Prayer). Not the best still images they could have used in this video…

Sabahudin Kurt performed for Yugoslavia with the song “Život Je Sklopio Krug” (Life Has Come Full Circle). I’ll take your word for it Sabby!

Anita Traversi performed for Switzerland and sang “I Miei Pensieri” (My Thoughts). Nice of you to share your thoughts Anita but sadly I don’t speak Italian.

Belgium were represented by Robert Cogoi singing “Près De Ma Rivière” (Nearby My River). Very cheery but make sure you don’t get too close to the river Robert!

Spain put forward Tim, Nelly & Tony and they sang a song called “Caracola” (Conch). I’m sure I’ve worked with people who share these names in the past but sadly they weren’t as much fun!

And the winners? Gigliola Cinquetti from Italy stormed their way to glory in 1963 with a song called “Non Ho L’età” (I’m Not old Enough). This performance somehow survived! Everytime Gigi was offered champagne after her winning performance she started to sing this song again, not sure why…

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

If you’d like to keep up to date with all the latest Eurovision news then please visit – it’s Eurovision-tastic!

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

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