Belinda Carlisle

NEWS: Happy 60th birthday Belinda Carlisle!

Belinda Carlisle – the Go-Go girl who drew circles in the sand, is 60 years young today

In the early 1980’s her lips were sealed, by the end of the decade she had left her light on, in the 90’s she dreamed the same dream and suddenly found herself in too deep. We all love a bit of Belinda and today she celebrates a very special birthday.

It would be careless to remember Belinda for just one song, but it seems that virtually every radio station in the world is only aware that she ever recorded “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”! Yes it topped the US and UK singles chart, and yes she hasn’t achieved that feat again to date, but Belinda’s career and discography is rich in anthems and instantly recognisable songs that form the backbone of any teenager or young adult growing up in the 80’s and 90’s.

Belinda is a fanatical live performer and continues to play live in both The States and the UK to wildly appreciative audiences and fans every time. Here she is in full flight in 2012 performing her greatest hits from The Metropolis Studios in London. Enjoy!

Belinda released her most recent album “Wilder Shores” last Autumn (2017) and has also recorded and released new songs in recent years including the sad “Goodbye Just Go” and the superb Summer anthem “Sun”. Hopefully it won’t be too long before she will grace us with another new album of classic sounding Belinda Carlisle tunes…

Happy birthday Belinda!

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  1. Well…for me, Belinda Carlisle always brings The Go-Go’s to mind. I still clearly see my father’s record with the ladies on water skis. Can clearly hear the songs in my mind. 🙂

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