EUROVISION 1965: Naples, Italy

Eurovision 1965 Songs

By Steve McSteveface

The tenth Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 was held in Naples, Italy.

This was the first year that Ireland entered and a total of eighteen countries took part in the contest this year. It was also the first year that another country sang in English as opposed to their own language.

The United Kingdom entered Kathy Kirby who sang “I Belong”. Okay, we get it Kathy – she fairly belts out this tune in a good enough performance to achieve 2nd place.

Conny van den Bos from The Netherlands sang “‘t Is Genoeg” (It’s Enough). You can’t beat a bit of bongos…

The entry from Spain was performed by Conchita Bautista with the song “¡Qué bueno, qué bueno!” (How Good, How Good!). There’s even a bit of an opening performance with this song and she really puts some welly into the rest of the song. Maybe Eurovision is now starting to get a little more showy.

Irelands’s debut song title was “Walking The Streets In The Rain” and was sung by Butch Moore. Oh my God, someone put this poor man out of his misery!

Germany were represented by Ulla Wiesner singing “Paradies, Wo Bist Du?”(Paradise, Where Are You?). I think this woman was just picked up from the street a few minutes earlier and told to make up some words in German and look up at the roof. What a crazy performance!

Udo Jürgens from Austria sang  “Sag Ihr, Ich Lass Sie Grüßen” (Tell Her I Send My Regards). Tell her yourself you lazy man!

Kirsti Sparboe from Norway performed the song “Karusell” (Merry-go-round). You might notice some of these videos now have subtitles – I’m not really sure that’s a good thing after watching this one.

Belgium were represented by Lize Marke singing “Als Het Weer Lente Is” (When It’s Springtime Again).  Sadly no points for this lady with the ears…

Marjorie Noël sang “Va Dire à L’amour” (Go And Tell Love) for MonacoGo and tell it yourself you lazy woman!

Ingvar Wixell was up next for Sweden singing “Absent Friend”. The Swedish Pavarotti…next!

Guy Mardel flew the flag for France with a song called “N’avoue Jamais” (Never Admit). Never admit? Never trust this man!

Simone de Oliveira performed for Portugal with the song “Sol De Inverno” (Winter Sun). Isn’t her dress nice and sparkly – one point.

Bobby Solo performed for Italy and sang “Se Piangi, Se Ridi” (If You Cry, If You Laugh). The original title of this song was “If You Cry, If You Laugh…Sometimes A Little Pee Comes Out” but it was changed at the very last minute.

Denmark were represented by Birgit Brüel singing “For Din Skyld” (For Your Sake). When she realised she wasn’t going to win Brigit changed the title of this song and replaced the word “your”.

Finland put forward Viktor Klimenko with a song called “Aurinko Laskee Länteen” (The Sun Sets In The West). Not only does Eurovision help with learning about geography this is now also teaching us about the weather, time and planets. Amazing!

Vice represented Yugoslavia and the song was called  “Čežnja” (Longing). For quite a boring song I actually like this.

Switzerland sent Yovanna to sing “Non, à Jamais Sans Toi” (No, Forever Without You). She looks like she would have some interesting stories to tell and I bet she would drink me under the table while sharing her tales of woe.

And the winners? France Gall from Luxembourg in 1965 with a song called “Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son” (Wax Doll, Sawdust Doll). I’ve never actually listened to this song while watching the subtitles – this should be fun. Well done Luxembourg!

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

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