Are you gold? Golden? Good as gold? Or are you a Goldfinger? Songs that all have the Midas touch and prove that all that glitters IS gold.

by Christopher Smith

Always believe in your soul
You’ve got the power to know
You’re indestructible
Always believe in, because you are

Famous words from a very famous song, highlighting just how special we all are and can indeed compare ourselves to that oh so precious chemical element.

And now Kylie is telling us that we are all “Golden” – that’s who we are. So how many songs can you name with ‘gold’ in the title and which ones are your favourites?

Well we can start with the James Bond films who provide us with three unforgettable ‘golden’ anthems. “The Man With The Golden Gun” (Lulu), Tina Turner’s “GoldenEye” and Dame Shirley Bassey’s unequaled tour de force “Goldfinger”.

Ash sampled “Goldfinger” for their 1996 hit of the same name, although its title is never sung, it uses the music from the 1964 Bond theme in the middle-eight. Sting had “Fields Of Gold”, Sam Sparro liked “Black And Gold” and The Stranglers had “Golden Brown”. Of course The Tremeloes told us that “Silence Is Golden” while The Beautiful South were “Good As Gold” but stupid as mud, and yet they carried on regardless!

US rock group Soul Asylum had “Black Gold”, DJ Khaled had a problem with “Gold Slugs” while Metallica championed “The Ecstasy Of Gold”! David Bowie clearly loves gold with two songs “Golden Years” and “April’s Tooth Of Gold” appearing in his back catalogue.

How many can you name and do they feature on our special ‘golden’ playlist below? If they don’t – tell us!

And finally…does having ‘gold’ in the song title guarantee you a golden hit?
Well “Goldfinger” holds a Gold certification in the US for sales of over 500,000 copies there, so perhaps all that glitters IS golden after all!

Golden disc Shirley Bassey

“We’re golden
Burn like the stars, stay golden
Straight from your heart
With a voice sayin’ “I’ll never give in”
Get knocked down, back up again
We’re golden, golden
That’s who we are”

Amen to that.

Gold Or Golden

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