New York born singer and songwriter Scott Rocco has released the video for his debut single “Joyride”.

by Christopher Smith

Scott Rocco Joyride

A fire burns deep inside the soul of Scott Rocco. After more than a decade of modest indie releases as a band frontman and having played countless local, city, and out-of-state gigs as a solo performer, the New York singer, songwriter, and multi-talented artist proudly carries long-awaited optimism in the waves of his debut single “Joyride“.

Originally scribed in 2007 after an inspiring summer vacation with close friends in Ocean City, Maryland, the song would take on new meaning through the years eventually growing and finding its rightful place on his upcoming first full length album “Ignited” due out Spring 2019.

“I did not know what I was writing back then. I remember ditching lunch with my friends after being thunderstruck by an uncanny feeling of goodness. I began taking mental notes on the beach, what I observed and felt at that moment. A few days later when I arrived home, I wrote the song in my bedroom. It wasn’t until this very summer when I started writing the script for the song’s music video that I discovered the evolution of its meaning. It started off as what I believed was a tune about living in the moment, but gradually grew into overcoming fears of safety, security, doubt – fighting it all to become the person you were meant to be. It’s never been more relevant to me than it is right now. Not only because of its release, but because of what I’ve been through and how I’ve evolved parallel with the song’s growth. I hope it serves as much of a catharsis for others just as it has for me.”

Since its recent drop, “Joyride” has already caught the ears of Spotify list curators, radio station programmers, brands, influencers, booking companies, and many music lovers worldwide. With so much positivity existing at Joyride’s core and surrounding it, a fall tour is in the works to support an EP release of “Ignited”. Its music video marks Scott’s first official one ever releasing Labor Day weekend. It will be backdropped by the vibey beaches of Long Island, NY and under the direction and lens of brilliant storyteller – Ben Fraternale, starring up and coming actress, singer, songwriter – Samarah Conley, and veteran east coast surfer – Stefan Cangea. Aside from music, Scott is also a SAG-AFTRA actor lending his craft to the storytelling process of the video.

Writing layered rock songs with pop-sensibilities, inspired by a past relationship to flesh it all out for his debut; a concept album of sorts telling the story of that special someone who teaches you to ignite the best parts of yourself that you otherwise didn’t know existed, are what help solidify the sound and lyrical content of “Ignited”.

“With the exception of Joyride and Fate Calls (another previously written song that fits into the album’s story) it took me a long time to muscle up the courage to write the other songs for “Ignited”. I started, discontinued, gave myself thousands of reasons to not do it. The root of the songs are very personal and I wasn’t allowing the world to hear it until one day it clicked. Why should I lock these feelings and experiences away when I know there’s a chance that someone else, perhaps many, can relate to and heal from them? At the time when you’re telling yourself not to do it, you don’t realize it, but you’re compounding hurt on top of hurt. Then when I finally decided to go for it, I was finally starting to heal, putting my past in the past, allowing all the optimism and goodness that came out of it to sweep me off my feet.”

Growing up under 3 sharp and athletic older brothers, raised by second-generation Italian American parents in the suburbs of New York City, Scott was influenced at an early age to pursue all sports and art in the form of sketch drawing, painting, dungeons and dragons, and of course his favorite – Music. He was a standout athlete in high school and local youth leagues as both a baseball and football player. He credits Aerosmith and their legendary song “Dream On” for the reason he picked up the guitar. He also credits his brother Chris for his 16th birthday guitar lesson gift (mostly self-taught) family member-musician Johnny Andriani and the Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace for giving him inspiration to perform and professionally pursue music.

Scott Rocco

“My brothers and I were always active in sports and weight training. I learned a lot from watching them while I grew into my own athleticism, skills, and artistry. We had a blast growing up. I will always credit my parents and my brothers for their love, guidance, and ongoing support with my art. A lot of families don’t support their children’s artistic endeavors out of fear of risk, uncertainty, lack of money, etc, but I never got that from my family. Occasionally ball-breaking here and there, but it comes from a place of love.”

“I played a lot of D&D as a kid, drew sketches, painted, did a lot of sports and creative things with my neighborhood friends and best friends. I’m forever grateful for those experiences and the innocence growing up in a non-digital time period. I started playing guitar when I was sixteen and Aerosmith’s “Dream On” was the original catalyst. They were always pretty close to me growing up. Steven Tyler took drum lessons at the same place I took my first guitar lesson – thanks to my brother Chris. Joey Kramer’s sister lived behind us, and his parents up the street. As I was discovering a newfound musical side, my father told me he actually played the accordion as a kid which I thought was really cool. My mother also revealed that she took dancing as a child and told me my grandfather played some acoustic guitar. It was comforting to know there was some musical background in my family.”

“First live rock concert I ever saw was my brother-in-law Johnny Andriani’s band, The Dwellers at Willow Street in Portchester, NY. I think I was about 17 and when I saw someone in my family perform as great as he did, and still does, it really lit something inside and planted a seed for the future. Our Lady Peace was a band I discovered later on in college. I saw them for the first time in Woodstock ’99. I was so blown away and inspired that I ended up playing their songs for hours when I got home from the festival. When I went back to college for my senior year, I wrote my first original song about a crush I had on a beautiful girl. I also co-wrote another original with my roommate, Rob. We recorded on his 4 track player. There were a few of our close friends in the room listening. That was the first time I ever sung my own songs for anyone and thank God they all enjoyed it and gave me encouragement. I’m pretty sure after that recording session, that’s when I started performing open mics and doing shows. It was on from there. I knew I was going to do it for the rest of my life.”

Jack Kerouac wrote, “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road”. The past has been an experience of growth and inspiration for Scott, but the road he is on now justifies living in the moment as a grateful artist with a voice that will bring the world more sunshine and healing.

“We all have a story. We are all fighting battles internally and externally. If I can help alleviate the pain, maybe even all of it… If I can inspire, enlighten, and heal as many people possible both as an artist and a human being, then I am happy. I can rest at night knowing that I am spreading my love and making the world a better place”.

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