FRESH: 'Rise Up' - Cliff Richard

FRESH: ‘Rise Up’ – Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff’s first single from the album ‘Rise Up’ that he says will address “the bad period I went through in my life”.!

By Steve McSteveface

Okay, okay – get over it! It’s Cliff Richard, I know that! But – I really like this song!

As for this ‘bad period’ in his life that he is referring to, well I can only presume he is talking about the times he had to work with Lulu – am I right?

I grew up listening to his songs as my mum is a huge fan. He’s a housewives favourite, yes. He’s a bit cheesy, yes. But he’s also had a 50 year career and is still being playlisted on Radio 2 so that’s quite an achievement!

This latest song has a very new sound for the 77 year old and it wasn’t something I had expected from him.

I’ve also let a few other people hear the song without telling them who it was singing. They said they liked it.

I then told them who it was and their reactions were something along the lines of ‘Oh? Reeeeeally?’.

‘Rise Up’ is the first song from the album and the album will be released on 23rd November 2018. It will feature a duet with Olivia Newton John and also four of his classic tracks reworked using Cliff’s original vocals with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

He also hopes that his new material might attract a “new audience” for his music. This is a good point as I’m quite sure he is losing fans daily to the big double decker bus in the sky.

“It has been put to me that a new audience might give me a ‘listen to’, and that is an exciting thought, and if they do and don’t like it they can buy something else,” he said.

Give me a chance, that is all we can ask… close your eyes and tune in. My longevity should be considered a plus, not a drawback.

Well let’s see what the rest of the album will bring. I’m secretly hoping that ‘Mistletoe & Wine‘ will be one of those re-worked tracks and released for Christmas. After all it was 30 years ago that it was Christmas Number one beating Kylie & Jason’s ‘Especially For You‘…okay I’m not even going to go there right now!

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