EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: 'I'm Walking Behind You' - Eddie Fisher

EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘I’m Walking Behind You’ – Eddie Fisher

What was the number one song in the UK on 27th June 1953?

By Steve McSteveface

“I’m Walking Behind You” by Eddie Fisher was Number One on 27th June 1953 and it remained at number one for 1 week.

The second number one for Eddie and this time maybe a bit “stalkerish”. There’s no denying he has a great voice and so does Sally Sweetland who also features on this song but the lyrics are a just a tad “Robin Thicke” for the Fifties…


“I’m Walking Behind You” is a popular song written by Billy Reid and published in 1953.

Eddie Fisher’s rendition of the song, with soprano and music teacher Sally Sweetland, became a number-one hit single on both the Cash Box and Billboard record charts in 1953 in the United States, as well as reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart. The recording by Eddie Fisher and Hugo Winterhalter’s orchestra and chorus was made on 7 April 1953, and released by RCA Victor in the United States.

In the same year, Frank Sinatra released a recording of his own rendition on the album Capitol Collector’s Series. This recording, made on 2 April 1953, was also issued as a single by Capitol Records.

The original version was probably Dorothy Squires’, recorded in the United Kingdom, with the orchestra of Billy Reid, the author of the song.

Also in the UK, Jimmy Young recorded a version on 3 February 1953, which was released by Decca.

Hans Bracke has written German lyrics. The German title is “Die Glocken der Freude”. Wolfgang Sauer, Herbert Beckh und das Tanzeorkester des Bayerischer Rundfunks recorded it in Munich on 6 June 1954.

A version was also recorded by Webb Pierce, and is included on the album Hideaway Heart produced by The Decca Record Company Ltd. It was released in the UK through its branch company Brunswick.


I’m walking behind you on your wedding day
And I’ll hear you promise to love and obey
Though you may forget me, you’re still on my mind
Look over your shoulder, I’m walking behind

Maybe I’ll kiss again with a love that’s new
But I shall wish again I was kissing you

‘Cause I’ll always love you wherever you go
And though we are parted, I want you to know
That if things go wrong, dear, and fate is unkind
Look over your shoulder, I’m walking behind

If things go wrong, dear, and fate is unkind
Look over your shoulder, I’m walking behind.

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