Mark Kingswood

INTERVIEW: Mark Kingswood

We speak to singer and songwriter Mark Kingswood about his album “Strong”, his music and his aspirations.

We recently introduced you to the majestic voice of British born singer Mark Kingswood and his debut album “Strong”, and that proved a big hit! So we decided to sit down with Mark and find out a bit more about his life, music and experiences writing and recording “Strong”, and here’s what he told us!

Mark Kingswood

TAPM: So firstly Mark, who are your musical influences and inspirations that have guided you to take this path?

Mark: I am most inspired by great voices and great arrangements so certainly artists like Tony Bennet, Josh Groban, George Michael, Michael Bublé, David Foster’s roster of artists etc. I guess that discovering music mainly in the 90’s for me growing up, probably made a big impact on me and shaped some of my musical direction. However the other half I’d say comes from spending time with my grandparents. I’d visit them often growing up and so I was always surrounded by the great music of Matt Monro, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennet and of course, Frank Sinatra. This in turn also had an impact on me.

TAPM: Is there one particular song on “Strong” that you are proud of or that has personal meaning to you?

Mark: I am proud of all the songs on “Strong” , but two tracks have a particular personal meaning. One is “Shine On”. It means a lot to me and my family. It’s about those that have such a profound impact on our lives, that even when they are gone and no longer living, they always remain with us in our memories and shine on through us. Another song I’m really proud of is, “Got A Thing For Swing”. I think it really tells my story and connection with this genre of music.

TAPM: Do you find songwriting an easy process and are there any strange places you have ‘conceived’ song ideas?

Mark: I’ve had ideas everywhere, in the middle of the ocean to humming in the shower. The trick is to just always have your phone ready to capture anything you think is good. Although, I tend to find some really usable ideas when I’m in bed at night trying to get to sleep. It’s a little annoying because if it’s something good, you have to roam around in the dark trying to find your phone and then, you have it on repeat in your brain for a while and you can’t get to sleep. It’s exciting though, when you think you’ve come up with a great start to a new song.

TAPM: Are there any artists/groups living or dead that you would love to perform/would of loved to of performed with?

Mark: I would have loved to have duetted with Ella Fitzgerald. She had an amazing voice. I also had the very rare opportunity of singing an impromptu performance with David Foster this year at his Montreal show. It was something that really caught us both by surprise and was over quite quickly. I’d really love to spend a day and work with him properly. He really is a musical Genius and in my opinion, an exceptionally talented artist in his own right.

TAPM: Are there are any further singles/videos planned at all?

Mark: Absolutely. We have a few more key tracks from “Strong” that we’ve recorded video’s for and plan on releasing sometime soon. “Shine On” will be the next release, but I am however spending a lot of time also working on my second album.

TAPM: Do you have any plans to tour the album in the UK or elsewhere?

Mark: I will definitely be returning to the UK to do some shows, really looking forward to it. I have been living in Canada now for roughly a year, but I look forward to going back home and will be proud to perform in the UK. At the moment, we’re just trying to confirm the logistics. Being on the road with 10x Players requires quite a lot of planning. Especially when doing international performances. But apart from the UK, we’re also working on more dates across Canada and the US. We also have had a lot of support from Asia, so maybe one day we can travel out there and do a performance for my Asian followers. All things are possible!

So you’ve been told now! As soon as Mark announces some dates, we of course will let you know and of future releases as well! For now, enjoy the beauty and majesty of Mark’s album “Strong”…

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