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REVIEW: ‘Mixes’ – Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue – “Mixes”

reviewed by Christopher Smith

Kylie’s deconstruction period finished with the lackluster performance of the “Impossible Princess” album, which ironically is regarded by many as her greatest work. But there was one more album to follow before she departed for pastures new and fresh. The single “Breathe” was released in March 1998 and reached No.14 in the UK and No.23 in Australia and contained a number of mixes on both CD singles, and perhaps that prompted deconstruction to put out a whole album of mixes from the “Impossible Princess” era.

The album consisted of nine tracks covering all three singles released from “Impossible Princess” as well three mixes of the intoxicating lead track “Too Far”. And it sounded something like this…

1. Too Far (Brothers In Rhythm mix)

The opening track of “Impossible Princess” was just about as removed from a stereotypical Kylie tune as you can get and did not pull any punches as you wade into its rhythm’s and beats. The BIR remix was launched as a promo single in late May 1998 although no commercial pressings were made and so it never made a chart entry anywhere.

2. Too Far (Junior Vasquez mix)

American DJ and producer Junior Vasquez (Madonna, Janet Jackson) provides a harder, rougher “Too Far” with this mix but loses none of the mystique of Kylie’s tortured lyric or vocal.

3. Some Kind Of Bliss (Quivver mix)

“Some Kind of Bliss” was not to everyone’s taste when it was released as the lead single from “Impossible Princess” in September 1997. This was never more apparent than in the UK where it became Kylie’s first single not to make the top 20. However, this lengthy mix by John Graham aka Quivver, met with universal praise and was a big hit in underground clubs that appreciated its glorious trippyness.

4. Breathe (Tee’s Freeze mix)

Todd Terry provides this mix of Kylie’s final single from the “Impossible Princess” album and gives the track a lighter edge and brighter lift to the deep, breathyness of the original.

5. Breathe (Sash Club mix)

Sash, who had accumulated massive hits in the late 90’s with “Encore Une Fois”, “Ecuador” and “Stay” mixes “Breathe” and it’s instantly identifiable as only his sound and bass that it could almost fall in amongst his discography at the time.

6. Breathe (Nalin & Kane mix)

Harry Kane and Andry Nalin provide a darker mix of the song now with more emphasis on the music than the vocal, but it works as a transient anthem that will keep you going on the dancefloor when all life around you has stopped.

7. Did It Again (Trouser Enthusiasts’ Goddess of Contortion mix)

Don’t you just love some of the titles of remixes, well here’s a classic from Belfast producers Ian Masterson and David Green aka Trouser Enthusiasts! For the first three or four minutes it’s just like the tracks itself but then opens up into a mad techno dance stomper that compliments Kylie’s vocal perfectly.

8. Did It Again (Razor-n-Go mix)

Razor-n-Go had worked with Aqua and Ace Of Base before remixing this number for Kylie, that’s heavy on drum programming and mashes Kylie’s vocal up inside it.

9. Too Far (Brothers in Rhythm dub)

One final mix of “Too Far” to close the album from BIR and a dub to accentuate the drama of this incredible track for another ten minutes or so. Revel and worship in its wake.


“Mixes” was released in August 1998 as Kylie’s time with deconstruction was dwindling by the day, but it found an audience with dance fans and clubbers who embraced it with open arms. It reached No.63 in the UK and has gone on to sell 20,000 copies there, a welcome addition to the 80,000 copies that “Impossible Princess” had sold in that territory. The album was released in Australia under the title of “Impossible Mixes” (the UK still had “Kylie Minogue” as the title of the album at this point) and peaked at No.37, not bad for an album of mixes, many of which had already been issued as additional tracks on the three singles previously released.

Kylie would depart deconstruction very soon after to bigger, brighter and better climates. “Light Years” would reignite Kylie’s career at the dawn of the new century and it seems the world has been unable to get her out of its head ever since!

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