Teen singer-songwriter and actress Jenna Raine has released her new single “Us” and tells us all about it!

by Christopher Smith

Jenna Raine US

Jenna Raine’s has released her new song “Us”. At only 14 years old, she is a singer, songwriter and an actress. She’s currently opening up for Max & Harvey on their UK/Ireland tour starting October 24.

“Us” is her debut original song and the song looks back on friendships that last forever, her bittersweet vocals backed by gentle acoustic guitar, graceful piano and lush strings. On her upcoming solo EP, she worked with producer Edgar Vargas and Candice Pillay (an esteemed songwriter known for her work with superstars like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Why Don’t We).

On her debut solo EP, singer/songwriter Jenna Raine lights up each track with her infectious energy and insightful lyrics. Also an actress—and a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano,guitar, and ukulele, the self-driven 14-year-old matches her magnetic voice with a radiant presence and heartfelt spirit. Made with producer Edgar Vargas and Candice Pillay (an esteemed songwriter known for her work with superstars like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera), Jenna’s debut offers up a selection of songs both deeply honest and undeniably hopeful.

Throughout her music, Jenna fuses her thoughtful lyrics with an organic but beat-driven sound inspired by artists as eclectic as Adele, Oasis, and the gospel singers she grew up on. One of the first songs, a bright and shimmering track called “Me” finds Jenna turning everyday worries into a powerful message meant to uplift and encourage. “There are times when I over think or get stressed out over the tiniest things, or try to solve all these problems that aren’t mine to deal with” says Jenna. “Me” is a reminder to myself that I’m still a kid and I still have time to grow the bridge even has an actual letter to myself that Candice and I wrote together”. Meanwhile, on “Us” Jenna looks back on friendships that last forever, her bittersweet vocals backed by gentle acoustic guitar, graceful piano, and lush strings. “It’s about a friendship of mine where we thought we were going to be close for our whole lives, but time told a different story and split us apart” Jenna explains. “The song is my way of saying, I’ll always be here for you, and you can always come back to me if you ever need someone to talk to”.

Growing up in Westlake, Texas, Jenna first revealed her strength as a singer after taking the stage at a talent show in third grade. “I told my mom I wanted to be in the show and her first question was, “Wait, what’s your talent?” Jenna recalls with a laugh. “She was crying her eyes out before the rehearsals, thinking everyone was going to make fun of me”. But when the show came around, Jenna delivered a crowd-thrilling cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” accompanied by the piano playing she’d developed since starting lessons at the age of five. “I wasn’t nervous at all on stage” Jenna says. “I was super-excited to sing for everyone, and I just wanted to keep on doing that. “Several years later, after a recommendation from a family friend connected to Demi Lovato, Jenna began taking lessons at the famed Septien Entertainment Group (a Dallas-based training facility for musicians and entertainers). She quickly landed her first gig—performing Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” at a live music venue in Dallas and soon added acting to her repertoire. Jenna joined a girl group called L2M and they sang the theme song for the animated movie ‘Lego Friends: Girlz 4 Life’. She later took vocal lessons with Eric Vetro (also a coach for Ariana Grande and Katy Perry), and next scored a starring role in the YouTube Red series further showcasing her vocal skills in the music videos featured at the end of each episode. As her love for singing continued to grow, Jenna started writing her own songs and learned to play guitar and ukulele.

Eventually teaming up with Vargas and Pillay to work on her debut solo music, she began crafting her material with a careful attention to lyrics. “I’ve always had a passion for poetry” she points out. “I love how personal you can be with the words, and how it’s all about rhythm. And now that I’ve learned so much about songwriting, I look at all of life in songs”. Jenna is now gearing up to tour the UK with British music duo Max & Harvey. “When I’m on stage I want to try to reach out to every person I can,” says Jenna. “It’s important for me to connect with people on a genuine level”. And as shown on her original music, that longing for connection underlies Jenna’s main mission as an artist. “Whenever I listen to a song I always focus on the lyrics, to try to figure out what the singer really wants to get across” says Jenna. “When people hear my music, I hope they do the same thing with my lyrics. I really want people to find out what each song means to them”.

For more about Jenna you can follow her on TWITTER and her FACEBOOK page

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