Sam Dickinson

INTERVIEW: Sam Dickinson

Singer, songwriter (and DJ) Sam Dickinson talks exclusively to about what he’s been upto and what’s coming!

by Christopher Smith

Just a few weeks ago we introduced you to Sam Dickinson’s brand new single and video for “Wild Sun” and as we’re good mates with him now, we thought it would be nice to sit down and have a chat about anything and everything! And this is what happened…

Sam Dickinson

TAPM: So firstly Sam, welcome back to music! Its been FIVE years since “The Stories That Occurred”, was this a planned gap between releases?

SD: Well I relaunched “The Stories That Occurred” a year later when “When You Left Me” was getting some amazing airplay on BBC Radio 2 and Sirius XM in the States. I never planned on such a long hiatus. I had started writing my second album which was much in the vein of “The Stories” and I had taken on three tracks from a Eurovision winning songwriter. Then I started suffering from mental health issues, I was living off 3-4 hours sleep a night and I was putting huge pressure on myself. So I cancelled all promotion activity, all shows and just stopped. That break was slightly longer than I expected. In fairness, I lost my singing voice, it became just a croak so even if I wanted to perform I couldn’t. I put self care first, took myself to a counsellor, got on the correct medication and started the healing process.
Only one song from those initial writing sessions is going to be released, it’s a track called “Foolish You” and is about the extreme Churches stance on the LGBT community, and by that I mean the far right; it’s hypocrisy about claiming to “love God’s Children” when deep down, some of their rhetoric just doesn’t allow for that. It’s an important message to get out there.

TAPM: “Wild Sun” is a great sound to come back with. Where did you get the inspiration for the song and did writing the track come easy after so long?

SD: Thank you! It’s certainly a change in direction, isn’t it? Although, everyone has been really receptive of the change in sound, like it’s the sound I was always meant to create. Well, the story behind the song isn’t about a partner or anything like that. It’s about the end of a ten year friendship which became tainted by jealousy and the need to compete with my partner. It’s the part of the healing process when you realise that actually you’re going to be alright, you’ll get through this and you made the right decision. So it’s uplifting isn’t it?
The track took a while to get from start to finish. I couldn’t get the chorus I wanted then when we got it the track just developed more and more until it HAD to be the lead single. Wild Sun wasn’t the first track I’d written after so long, it was probably about the 20th? I have A LOT of new music coming, which I’ve been writing for about two and a half years.

TAPM: “Wild Sun” comes from the first of a three-part EP trilogy. What can we expect from each of the EP’s?

SD: “From The Glass House” parts 1, 2 and 3 will all develop into the sound that I’m wanting to create. When I said I was going to write music again I wanted to not just write about relationships breaking down but I wanted to use my voice to write about so many different aspects of life. There’s the fun tracks such as “Hanging By A Thread” (Part 1), I’m writing about losing my grandparents and someone very young in my family and the pain that comes with that in “Goodbye” (Part 3) and “Not The Time for Love” (Part 2), I had to write about anxiety and depression and that’s where “Someone Is Talking” (Part 1) comes through. I want this project to mean something to people.
Musically, it’s that blend of pop, dance and soul to create something fresh and now. I think “Wild Sun” sounds fresh. We need more men singing about tainted love.

TAPM: You’ve been ‘masquerading’ as a radio DJ too recently! Is that something that you’ve always wanted to do and how did that come about?

SD: I love being on radio. When you’re singing people get to know the you that you choose them to see. On radio, when I’m talking about weird news stories from around the world or I’m interviewing someone your personality shines through. My music is quite serious in it’s themes but as a person I’m quite light hearted and enjoy life. People can see, or hear, that on radio. I’ve been on Pride Radio on and off for a few years now, I’m back permanently though.
When they found out they were going on FM across Tyne and Wear I got the call asking to come back, it was such an easy decision to make. There are some big announcements coming soon from us, but I can’t tell you (just yet!).

TAPM: What plans do you have for the future beyond the three EP’s, ie. touring or a full album of songs?

SD: Well, I have completed my second album. In fact, the album was finished before we even started a single track for the trilogy but I felt like we needed something to bridge from album one to album two. Initially, it was just going to be one EP of about 6 tracks then one day I was working out the tracklisting and thought ‘this needs to be a three part series’, I was having so much fun writing music again that I didn’t want to stop. So we have the three EP’s to release over the next year or so and then there’ll be three or four singles before the album drops.
Alongside that I want to tour, gradually I think. I’m on my own when it comes to music so everything I do comes from my own pocket so I have to be careful how we develop this. I am definitely doing some full band shows in and around the North East and North West, with a headline show at the Think Tank Underground in Newcastle on the 30th March 2019. I’ll also be doing some acoustic shows in London in the new year too.

Keep your eyes peeled this Friday for something very special from Sam!

We will be following Sam’s every move over the coming months and looking forward to bringing you all the latest news and releases from this multi-talented young man.

Keep in touch with Sam through his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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