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FRESH: ‘Piece Of Me’ – Ryker Sear

Ryker Sear have released their latest single “Piece Of Me” and it reeks of 80’s electro panache!

Ryker Sear, the rock band turned pop duo of Regan Vincenza and James Torselli, unveiled their nostalgic, 80’s infused new single “Piece Of Me” on the 2nd of November as well as an accompanying lyric video.

Front woman Regan Vincenza wrote the track after watching the film ‘Like Crazy’, as aspects of the film reminded her of a lost love. “It took me right back to a place that I hadn’t wanted to think about. The first part of the song I wrote was the line, can you take a piece of me, a memory or two, ones that hurt the most when I start to think of you” – the core of the song being that you don’t actually want to forget an incredible time in your life, but you don’t want it to hurt as much when you think about it”.

Ryker Sear used to be a rock leaning band, but due a personal musical crisis, and other band members tastes for heavier music starting to overshadow things. “We became a duo. Finally I was able to embrace pop and not have to hide the fact that Britney Spears is my No.1 musical icon, that I believe A1 deserved more credit than they got, and how I’m a Disney nerd” says Regan! Ryker Sear’s musical path had not been easy. “As much as I love rock and some heavier music, we were starting to drift into territory that I wasn’t comfortable with, and didn’t truly believe in”, Regan admits.

They decided to move forward as a duo, and take more inspiration from Regan’s love of pop. “Pop music has been a real constant in my life. The Spice Girls and Britney Spears were huge influences on me growing up, and I still listen to all that stuff even now”. Ryker Sear took some time out to record and experiment in order to find their new sound. During this time, some songs were recorded and later abandoned, but one really stuck, and it was called “Don’t Know Me”.

Regan wrote “Don’t Know Me” when she was ‘in a bad place’. I was thinking about all the things we’d been through, and how we’d move on. There was a lot of frustration and sadness there. I felt alone. It was really easy for me to write the lyrics (not always the case!) as I just sat there and it poured out, ‘Dear Diary’ esque. Recording the song was not an entirely smooth process, but we worked really hard, and with James’ mix, we knew we had something special”.

Free to expand their creative avenues, Ryker Sear returned with their first new song in April 2017, “One Time Thing”. It is as they say, ‘inspired by real events’. “Its about meeting a total douche at a house party. Despite his attitude, you still think he’s hot, so providing your friends don’t find out…its okay to see where the night takes you”. “One Time Thing” was distributed to club DJs all around the UK, and received great feedback. DJs praised it as, ‘a really well crafted pop song’, with ‘clever lyrics’, saying it was ‘pop with a capital P’. They loved ‘the raw 80s electro feel’, calling it ‘timeless pop’, with one DJ saying it’s “the first great pop song of the year…I can see this becoming a huge world wide hit”.

It was great news for Ryker Sear when “One Time Thing” reached number 6 in the Commercial Pop Chart, compiled by Music Week. The song was also added to The Falling Apple’s Soundcloud playlist, and Future House Cloud’s ‘Future of Pop’ Spotify playlist, both based in Amsterdam and Germany respectively. The Morlando Remix of “One Time Thing” was put on rotation in ‘Line Out with Dor Dekel’, a weekly Club show on 100FM, broadcasted from Tel Aviv, Israel.

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