Mindy Gledhill has released the title track of her forthcoming album, “Rabbit Hole”.

by Christopher Smith

Mindy Gledhill Rabbit Hole

Utah singer and songwriter Mindy Gledhill has released her latest single “Rabbit Hole”, which is the title track of her new album (her fifth studio album) and her first since 2013’s “Pocketful Of Poetry”, slated to be released in January 2019.

Mindy’s lyrics are simply beautiful, but her story is what makes them come to life. Mindy’s story speaks to the growing number of young Americans who are disillusioned with fundamental religion. She describes “Rabbit Hole” is an “intriguing, yet very accessible journey for listeners through the Wonderland of discovery that lies beyond institutional oppression”.

Mindy grew up in a devout Mormon family on the north coast of California. She spent her high school years in Madrid, Spain, where her parents were missionaries. (She speaks Spanish fluently, which you get a taste of in the album track “Adiós Cariño”). Mindy’s family moved to Utah where she finished up her final two years of high school and then attended Brigham Young University’s School of Music. She signed a record deal with a Mormon record label in Salt Lake where she experienced the corporate side of the Mormon Church. It was then that her eyes began to be opened to the sexism, unequal treatment toward women and sexual harassment that she had grown up in. She started to research church history in depth and began to understand just how damaging growing up in a highly patriarchal structure can be to women (which she eludes to in her song “Bluebird”).

Mindy became a well known name in many Mormon households through her early religious-themed music. As she transitioned away from Mormonism, she became an activist and ally in LGBTQ circles, as well as women’s rights. It was a tough transition at first for her and her fans, but the tides are shifting and many Mormon women are now discovering their voices and speaking out against inequality. Through this change, Mindy’s music evolved and began to reach newer audiences across the globe. Mindy has been featured on the cover of ‘Jamo Magazine,’ a fashion magazine in the Middle East. She has represented and supported an emerging Middle Eastern feminist fashion brand called Agent Girl Power. She is a regular guest speaker on progressive Mormon podcasts, and is a voice at the forefront of change for women emerging from the rubble of religious, political and cultural inequality. Her music manages to communicate the message of equality and love with a surprisingly disarming approach.

For more about Mindy, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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