FRESH: ‘Cause You Did’ – Willa

Canadian singer Willa shares her new video for her single “Cause You Did”.

Canadian singer Willa has released her latest single and video for “Cause You Did”, a beautiful uptempo electro pop ballad with an infectious beat running throughout.

Willa grew up thinking that hearing music in colour was normal. It wasn’t until she was explaining the colour of a song to her mother at the age 11 that Willa was told that in fact, it was not normal. Funnily enough, her uncle, the man who taught her to play piano also had synesthesia; a cross-sensory condition which allows those who have it to experience things with more than one sense.

Whether having synesthesia is a leg up or not, Willa can confirm that the upcoming singles she’s written over the last year are a brand new colour from her previous release “Criminals and Dreamers”, which accumulated nearly of 11 million streams. Still inhabiting the cheeky dark side of those previous songs written with Vancouver’s Ryan Guldemond, there’s a soft sparkle to the new songs that Willa found after taking this last year to find her voice with new collaborators in her new home; the vibrant gem of Toronto, Canada.

Willa’s voice is her identity; her voice carries memories, vulnerabilities, pain, sadness, happiness, freedom, and her self. It’s her best friend and worst enemy. Now we hear and feel that voice wrapped in sounds from a dream. The growls, whispers, and sighs of what’s been created brings it to a whole new place. Can you feel it?

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