Charlene Soria

FRESH: ‘Temptation’ – Charlene Soraia

Charlene Soraia releases her new single “Temptation”.

The impassioned yet sombre song was written about the resistance and confusion of unrequited attraction. The resistance of “Temptation” meets realisation in another album single “Now You Are With Her”. “I see them as two sides of the same coin,” Charlene says of the songs. “‘Temptation” being the build-up of tension for this never-to-be relationship and “Now You are With Her” as a forlorn reverie as two people return to the lives they drifted from.”

Soraia’s agile and richly melodic vocals over feverish guitar recall Laura Marling’s early records, while her timbre channels glimpses of Fiona Apple. Gliding across octaves, Soraia conveys relentless realism and lyrical brutality about a love unreciprocated. “This song, and most of the album, feels like it comes from this bittersweet knife-edge and I dedicate “Temptation” to anyone who has mistaken someone’s general demeanour and acts of kindness” Charlene confesses.

“Temptation” comes from Soraia’s 10-track “Where’s My Tribe?” album due January 25th 2019 on Peacefrog (José González, Little Dragon). All songs were recorded by Soraia in her flat with no edits, no autotune, and in one take, revealing the raw, pure beauty of the music.

“Where’s My Tribe?” Tracklist:
1. Where’s My Tribe
2. Tragic Youth
3. Temptation
4. Beautiful People
5. Now You Are With Her
6. The Journey
7. Likely To Kill
8. Far Beyond The High Street
9. Harms
10. Saboteur Tiger

From the age of five – when she found her father’s broken guitar behind the sofa and began to teach herself to play – music has been refuge for Charlene Soraia, whether listening to her father play or discovering the music of another time, from the Beatles and Bowie to West Coast psych-rock. By the age of eight she was attending local up-to-the-mic sessions in Beckenham, either singing and playing or scrutinizing fellow players chord progressions with notebook in hand. Despite not having Music GCSE (to this day she can’t read music) she won a place at the prestigious Brit School, where she was a contemporary of Adele and Katy B. While these were formative years, you get the feeling that much of her education was outside the classroom. Summers were – and still are – spent at Glastonbury taking in the music and playing but mostly hanging out in the Healing Fields.

Charlene’s free ranging spirit – always dusted with a touch of the cosmic – can be heard in her eclectic style which adheres to no genre. In 2011 Charlene signed to UK indie label Peacefrog and recorded “Moonchild”, a diverse collection of songs that revealed an idiosyncratic songwriting and performing talent. During the making of her debut album she was offered a small fee to record a cover of The Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go” for a TV advert. The song shot to No.3 in the charts and – with over 60 million Spotify hits and counting – continues to capture hearts around the world. “Where’s My Tribe?” album, sees Charlene return to her roots – playing guitar and singing self- penned songs. Unadorned, unmediated, alone. Straight from the heart.

For more about Charlene check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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