Cooper & Gatlin

FRESH: ‘Break’ – Cooper & Gatlin

Brother and Sister act Cooper & Gatlin have released their debut single “Break”.

Brother-sister pop duo Cooper & Gatlin have released a remix of their debut single “Break” done by Ultra Records artist Tep No. “The song was already amazing,” says Tep No. “I decided to completely change the instrumental to give it a more guitar-oriented feel. I recorded a bunch of guitars for it and it’s one of the best remixes I’ve made, the drop is insane.”

The original “Break” is a catchy and relatable tune about the stoic face you put on in front of ex- lovers. It plays with the duality of looking alright before someone who has broken your heart. Upon its release the track was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and the video has amassed over 530,000 plays.

The duo likes to describe their sound as acoustic-meets-electronic. Finding inspiration from artists like Broods and Kevin Garrett, they draw you in with their lush harmonies, tight melodies and playful brother-sister dynamic. Originally from Franklin, Tennessee, the family relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 and the two have spent the past several years honing their craft as songwriters and musicians. By forging their inspirations, the duo recently wrote a batch of new left-of-center pop songs that are fun and uplifting in delivery, but still deeply personal and relatable.

Although putting their debut into someone else’s hands was nerve-racking, they couldn’t be happier with the results. “Tep No is amazing and absolutely killed it. We love hearing the melody and lyrics over a new chord progression. Also, the fact that the DJ remix is still guitar-based is a really nice touch. It feels like a completely new song, yet keeps the spirit of the original,” they have said.

For more about Cooper & Gatlin, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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