NEWS: Bananarama Release Their First Six Albums On Coloured Vinyl

Bananarama release their first six studio albums on coloured vinyl and cassette!

by Christopher Smith

Bananarama coloured vinyl

Thirty six years after the release of their debut album “Deep Sea Skiving”, Bananarama have re-issued their first six studio albums on coloured vinyl and tape cassette. Covering their period with London Records (1981-1993), each album is available in fresh packaging with photo sleeve and updated cover notes about the history of each record.

Sara Dallin, Keren Woodward and Siobhan Fahey formed Bananarama at the end of the 1970’s and released their debut single “Aie A Mwana” in 1981. Since then the girls, later joined by Jacqui O’Sullivan, went on to have unrivaled chart success the world over, notching up ten UK top ten hits, a US number one single and a multi-Platinum “Greatest Hits Collection” that recently celebrated its own thirtieth birthday. Since 1992 Sara and Keren have performed and released records as a duo, but in 2017 they reformed with Siobhan for a reunion tour of the UK, Australia and America that was met with universal acclaim with all dates being sold out within hours of tickets going on sale.

Bananarama Deep Sea Skiving

Their story began with their debut long player “Deep Sea Skiving” released in 1981 and containing the chart hits “It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It” (UK No.4), “Really Saying Something” (UK No.5, US No.108), “Shy Boy” (UK No.4, US No.83), “Cheers Then” (UK No.45) and “Na Na Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)” (UK No.5, US No.101). The album itself reached No.7 in the UK and No.63 in the US as well as charting in Australia and across Europe.

Bananarama Bananarama

They followed this with a self titled album (simply because they couldn’t think of a title!) in 1984 that featured the hits “Cruel Summer” (UK No.8, US No.9), “Robert De Niro’s Waiting” (UK No.3, US No.95), “Rough Justice” (UK No.23) and “Hotline To Heaven” (UK No.58). The album made No.16 in the UK and No.30 in The States and charted high in Germany and Sweden.

Bananarama True Confessions

Their third album “True Confessions” came in 1986 and featured perhaps their signature anthem “Venus” which topped the US singles chart and made No.8 in the UK. The album also featured “Do Not Disturb” (UK No.31), “More Than Physical” (UK No.41, US No.73) and “Trick Of The Night” (UK No.32, US No.76). The album reached No.46 in the UK but was much more successful Stateside where it made No.15.

Bananarama WOW

For their fourth album “WOW!” the girls teamed up with hit pop making producers Stock Aitken and Waterman and produced an album laced with classic Euro pop/dance tunes that included “I Heard A Rumour” (UK No.14, US No.4), “Love In The First Degree” (UK No.3, US No.48), “I Can’t Help It” (UK No.20, US No.47) and “I Want You Back” (UK No.5). The album was a big success making No.26 in the UK and No.44 in the US as well as topping the Australian album chart.

Bananarama Pop Life

By the time they released their fifth album “Pop Life” in 1991, Siobhan had left the group and formed Shakespeare’s Sister with Marcella Detroit and had been released by Jacqui O’Sullivan in 1988. “Pop Life” saw the girls work primarily with producer Youth, delivering brace of hits that included “Only Your Love” (UK No.27), “Preacher Man” (UK No.20), “Long Train Running” (UK No.30) and “Tripping On Your Love” (UK No.76, US dance chart No.14). “Pop Life” charted at No.42 in the UK and made No.2 in France.

Bananarama Please Yourself

By 1992 Jacqui had left the group and now reduced to a duo, Sara and Keren delivered their sixth studio album “Please Yourself” in early 1993, the title taken from a catchphrase of British comedian Frankie Howerd. The album delivered three chart hits with “Movin’ On” (UK No.24), “Last Thing On My Mind” (UK No.71) a song later covered by the group Steps, and “More, More, More” (UK No.24). “Please Yourself” reached No.46 in the UK, but failed to make an impact in America.

Each album has it’s own individual coloured vinyl and cassette case, usually taken from the colour of the sleeve, so expect a red record and cassette for “WOW!”. They are available for purchase from the Bananarama official website and if you click here you can be the proud owner of one or all of these highly collectible albums from a time when Bananarama were at the top of their game, unchallenged and the most successful all girl group in chart history.

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