Sophia Scott

FRESH: ‘She Ain’t Me’ – Sophia Scott

Southern pop artist Sophia Scott debuts her new single “She Ain’t Me”!

Southern pop recording artist Sophia Scott debuts her new single “She Ain’t Me” through Substream Magazine. “She Ain’t Me” was also featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday.

Sophia Scott will captivate music fans with her brazen new song. “She Ain’t Me” details how easily her feelings become conflicted during a chance encounter with an ex-boyfriend. Her impassioned hook emphasizes the songs message, “You say she’s beautiful, like she walked right out of your dreams, she ain’t cynical, she never fights or disagrees, but I know you and what you need, and she can’t give you everything, cuz there’s one thing she’ll never be, she ain’t me.”

The LA-based artist who also plays the guitar and writes her own music developed a cult-like following due in part to her popular bedroom covers series on YouTube. Sophia gained more than 1.2 millions views for an acoustic rendition of Rihanna’s “Love On The Brain” back in 2016. Since shaking up the independent music scene with sky-scraping vocals and soothing melodies, Sophia continues to manifest the depths of her potential with her new single “She Ain’t Me.”

Sophia debuted “She Ain’t Me” with Substream Magazine and was asked about the track’s message. “I think this song has developed multiple meanings for me so when asked to give a quote about it I had to really take myself back to the day it was written. The root of the lyric really comes from the flat out fact that I am probably not the easiest person to date. I’m argumentative, I’m passionate, I’m stubborn, and I speak my mind. Those qualities don’t exactly paint the picture of a “cool, fun, girl” that the average guy is looking to date. However, I wanted to portray the battle of expectation versus reality and highlight the irony between what you want and what you might actually need. You never know… playing it safe and following every rule could actually leave you unsatisfied in the end.”

Recently, “She Ain’t Me” was featured on the popular music and lifestyle publication Celeb Mix. When asked about the songs impact Sophia said, “Since the song came out, I have been so pleasantly surprised at all of the personal messages I have received from women and men about what this song means to them. I don’t want to say what I want each person to feel, because the beauty of any song is that it should cater to the listeners personal emotions. However, my hope would be that everyone can feel a little bit better from this song if they’re dealing with anything similar and be confident in who they are no matter what happened in their relationship.”

For more about Sophia, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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