Dear Jon


Here’s a ‘where are they now?’ with a difference…even we don’t know!

So I hear you asking already “who on earth are Dear Jon?”

Well, cast you mind back to the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest (if you can). That year eight different songs went up for nomination for Song for Europe to represent the United Kingdom. All eight songs were put to a phone vote and the nation elected the one they wanted to represent them at that years contest. Out of the eight, pop quartet Deuce came third with “I Need You” having polled 73,467 votes.

The winner was a five piece group called Love City Groove with their self titled, pop/R&B number that got 140,174 votes. “Love City Groove” would finish in tenth place in the contest and reach No.7 in the UK singles chart.

But…there was a song that came second. One that polled 81,359 votes. The song was “One Gift Of Love”, written by Graeme Watson and performed by the group Dear Jon. Ring any bells yet? Have a listen:

The song was, like the other seven, released as a single and while third place Deuce followed “Love City Groove” into the top ten, the same cannot be said of the runner up in that competition. Despite much praise and great exposure in the aftermath of that show, “One Gift Of Love” reached a pathetic No.68 in the UK.

So who are Dear Jon and was that it for them in the music business?

So little is known about the five piece group, who they are or where they come from, but they did release two singles. “One Gift Of Love” in April 1995 that was accompanied by two further tracks “Pink Balloons” and “Closed For Bliss”. A second single “All Around The World” came that Summer and included the tracks “Friends” and “Rio”. It never charted and vanished without even a “hello”.

It seems the group split up not long after that as no other recordings can be found. Unless you know different…!

Were you a member of Dear Jon? We would love to hear from you if you were!

Dear Jon

UPDATE 24/12/18: We’ve received the following information about the group!

Dear Jon started in 1989 after touring the UK with David Essex with a slightly different line-up of 5 girls called Persia, Justine (keys) formed Dear Jon with Lydia (bass) and Tina (drums) – joined by new singer Julie and Keith on guitar. They were managed by Laurie Jay (Billy Oceans manager), and they worked with some great producers including Ian Wherry (David Essex), Colin Thurston (Duran and Bowie), Elliott Randall (Doobie Bros, Steely Dan). They were signed by Warner Chappel Publishing and an independent record label, had a dedicated following and were known as one of the busiest working original bands in the south of England. Warners asked them to do Graeme Watson’s song “One Gift Of Love” for Song for Europe. They were initially a bit reluctant as they had their own sound and a full schedule – but they agreed and recorded it with Nigel Wright. They enjoyed it, and were quite happy with 2nd place as they received a lot of publicity.

They followed this with a 4 week gig in a beach bar in Eilat, a UK national tour with Status Quo, a new single, and a national radio tour. Their break-up was probably caused by similar issues as many other band break-ups…not enough input from record co, conflicting interests, outside interference and other offers etc etc. Justine, Keith and Lydia went to South Africa where they were signed by Polydor, Julie went to New York where she was signed by Columbia, and Lydia went on to tour Europe with the jazz group Ezio. Lots happened for all of them over the years. Currently, Julie runs and conducts a few great choirs in the UK, Keith and Justine run a fitness company and are currently writing music for children’s fitness programs, and Lydia and Tina both teach music.

There is a Dear Jon FACEBOOK fan site with pics and videos of the group too

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