EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2019: Countries & Songs - Keeping On Track

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2019: Countries & Songs – Keeping On Track

Welcome To Eurovision Season

Eurovision 2019

By Steve McSteveface

It’s 2019 so that means it’s officially ‘normal’ to talk about Eurovision, right? Even though I’ve not stopped talking about it since May and pretty much never stop talking about it!

As all the countries begin selection process I’ve created this page to keep track of where everyone’s at. This is pretty much just for our own records but if it helps other people then that’s even better! I’ll try my very best to keep it right up to date.

Thanks to Wikipedia, the wonders of Copy & Paste and a helpful Happiness Engineer from WordPress this hasn’t taken me as long as I’d thought but I will be adding the Talk About Pop Music review links to this over the coming months.


Country Artist Song Lanuage
 Albania Jonida Maliqi Ktheju tokës Albanian
 Armenia Srbuk
 Australia Kate Miller-Heidke
“Zero Gravity” English
 Austria Paenda “Limits” English
 Belgium Eliot
 Croatia Roko ‘The Dream’ English
 Cyprus Tamta “Replay” English
 Czechia Lake Malawi Friend Of A Friend
 Denmark TBD 23 February TBD 23 February
 Estonia Victor Crone
 Finland Darude TBD 2 March
 Georgia TBD 2 March TBD 2 March
 Greece Katerine Duska
 Hungary TBD 23 February
TBD 23 February
 Iceland TBD 2 March
TBD 2 March
 Latvia Carousel “That Night” English
 Lithuania TBD 23 February TBD 23 February
 Macedonia Tamara Todevska
 Malta Michela Pace
 Moldova TBD 3 March
TBD 3 March
 Montenegro D Moll
 Netherlands Duncan Laurence
 Norway TBD 2 March TBD 2 March
 Poland Tulia TBD 3 March
 Portugal TBD 2 March TBD 2 March
 Romania Ester Peony
“On A Sunday”
 Russia Sergey Lazarev
 San Marino Serhat
 Serbia TBD February
TBD February
 Slovenia Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl “Sebi” Slovene
 Sweden TBD 9 March
TBD 9 March
  Switzerland TBA March
TBA March
 Ukraine TBD 23 February TBD 23 February


 France Bilal Hassani Roi French
 Germany TBD February TBD February
 Italy Mahmood “Soldi” Italian
 Israel Kobi Marimi “Home”
 Spain Miki “La venda”  Spanish
 United Kingdom Michael Rice “Bigger Than Us”

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