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PLAYLIST: The Ultimate Kylie Playlists

The Kylie Spotify playlists, indexed and online now!

We have produced a number of Kylie playlists bringing together (often for the first time) all of her essential tracks from her thirty year plus career.

We first looked at all of Kylie’s ballads and called this playlist ‘Taking It Easy‘ from “Especially For You” to “Put Yourself In My Place” right up to “Golden’s” “Music’s Too Sad Without You” and everything in between.

We then looked at Kylie’s huge, and perhaps unfortunate, back catalogue of number two hits, the ones that didn’t quite make it to the top. From “Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi” to “Better The Devil You Know” and “Love At First Sight”, all fully deserving of being No.1 but for whatever reason, someone else sold just a few more that week.


And then there’s The B Sides! Bringing together for the first time all of Kylie’s B sides not included on any studio albums and some of them rare! If you like “Just Wanna Love You” or “Tears” maybe “Silence”, then this is the one for you!


Our most popular playlist by a mile is Kylie’s Greatest Hits…that never were! The songs that SHOULD have been released but then there was a change of mind. So we could’ve had worldwide smash hits with “Enjoy Yourself”, “Time Will Pass You By” or “Million Miles”. But we didn’t.

Our latest playlist collates all of Kylie’s duets and collaborations for the first time. Jason, Keith, Robbie, Giorgio, Jack et al, a thirty year history of Kylie plus one!

And if YOU have any ideas for future Kylie playlists, let us know! Contact us by email or through the FACEBOOK GROUP.

Enjoy…yourself! x

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