PLAYLIST: Kylie Minogue – The B Sides

Let’s bring all of Kylie’s ‘lost’ B sides together on one album for the first time!

Over the past thirty plus years, Kylie has released over seventy singles worldwide and many of them contain B sides and additional songs, not featured on any studio album of the time. So here’s a ‘greatest hits’ of all those B sides! All those tracks you love to hear and play but have to dig out each individual single to do so. Well, fear no longer. Here they are all here under one playlist from the beginning to the present day!

So what’s your favourite Kylie B side from the PWL era? “Made In Heaven”? “Just Wanna Love You”? “Kylie’s Smiley Mix”? “We Know The Meaning Of Love”? “Say The Word, I’ll Be There”? “Do You Dare?” “Closer”? They’re all here! Or maybe you’re an instrumental B sider?!

When Kylie moved to deConstruction in 1993, the B sides continued with “Nothing Can Stop Us”, “If You Don’t Love Me”, “Tears” and “Love Takes Over Me”. But with the dawn of the twentieth century and Kylie’s move to Parlophone, the B sides got more prolific! Sometimes TWO to a single! Which meant more collecting!

How about the 60’s-ish “Cover Me With Kisses”, or the gorgeous “Ocean Blue”, or the sublime “Good Life” from the “Light Years” era? For the “Fever” era, they got funkier and ever more brilliant. “Boy”, “Rendezvous At Sunset”, “Baby” and “Tightrope” to name a few. This continued into the “Body Language” period with “Soul On Fire”, “Almost A Lover” and “City Games”, the intended title track of the original album that eventually became “Body Language”.

For Kylie’s 2004 “Ultimate Kylie” hits package, she released two singles that contained perhaps two of her best B sides with the funky “Beats Per Minute” and the lush “Made Of Glass”. And we’ve included them both here! The “X” years saw a plethora of extra tracks that had been recorded for the album but never made the final cut. These include the fan favourite “Cherry Bomb”, “King Or Queen”, “Carried Away” and “Do It Again” to name just a couple.

Aphrodite” kicked off with the sensational “All The Lovers” that included the track “Go Hard Or Go Home” and for the fourth single, “Put Your Hands Up”, another new, unreleased track “Silence” was tacked on as a bonus! The “Kiss Me Once” period was shamelessly brief with just two singles released from the badly marketed album. The lead single, the incredible “Into The Blue”, featured the track “Sparks” on one of the last Kylie singles to be released on CD.

With the digital age now depriving us of physical single releases, the day of the B side or the additional track is sadly gone. We are just left with album one track releases. The “Golden” era proves this, save for a few remixed issues. So save this Kylie B side playlist and relive the days of the great and the good, the songs that didn’t quite make the albums but we are grateful exist and were published!

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