STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 22nd April 2018

REVIEW: ‘Golden’ – Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue – “Golden”

reviewed by Christopher Smith

This is Kylie’s first proper studio album for four years and her first long player since “Kylie Christmas” (2015). It’s been a long time coming but worth the wait. So what is it like?

Simply put, it’s awesome!

Track by track this is what to expect:

1. Dancing

The lead single and our first taster of “Golden”. It’s a foot tapping, country enthused anthem but struggles against the album whole and one wonders if this was a good choice as the lead single. Nevertheless, “Dancing” has been extremely popular across the world and has put Kylie back on top where she belongs.

2. Stop Me From Falling

“Dancing” part 2 but more lively and with a killer chorus and great keyboard vocals. Altogether now “for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”.

3. Golden

The title track and starts as if it’s taking you into the title sequence of a Bond film, but very quickly follows “Dancing” and “SMFF” with infectious verses and choruses. Kylie tells us “We’re golden, that’s who we are”. And we are!

4. A Lifetime To Repair

The country theme continues with this hoedown complete with banjo and finger clicking – enough to kick up plenty of hay in any barn dance you may have planned this year.

5. Sincerely Yours

The tone comes down with “Sincerely Yours”, which could of come from any Katy Perry album. It’s sweet and anthemic and should have everyone waving their hands high for some time.

6. One Last Kiss

There’s always one song on every Kylie album that fails to meet the standard for me, and “One More Kiss” is that song on “Golden”. It’s an inoffensive Kylie B side and that’s where it starts and finishes.

7. Live A Little

After “One Last Kiss” you’ll want to stand up and dance your silly head off for no reason particularly, so hail “Live A Little”! It’s another hoedown with lots of clapping and then BANG, the chorus springs up and lightens the darkest of hearts. This has the potential of being a great single. So get ready to dance and live a little!

8. Shelby ’68

My first listen to this album from beginning to end, I was puzzled by this song, but if any track on Golden has grown on me, then it’s “Shelby ’68”, a song about Ron Minogue’s (Kylie’s Dad) car. With every listen, it burns deep into the soul and demonstrates Kylie’s ongoing ability to write AND sing a down tempo song that many people would not expect from her.

9. Radio On

We’re now deep into ballad territory. We’ve had the hoedown and now we’re all cuddled up on a bale of hay with a loved one, enjoying a tender moment and some accompanying easy listening music. “Radio On” is the song for this moment. Kylie begs “I really need a love song that I believe”, well you’ve written it!

10. Love

Ok, so we need to get back on our feet and feel free again and Love delivers. “Love” is repeated over and over again and again for three minutes. The recipe is simple but it works so well. “Love is a day in bed, lying in your lovers t shirt” – an insight into what Kylie does on a Sunday?!

11. Raining Glitter

Anyone missing traditional Kylie music, you need to fast forward to track 11. “Raining Glitter” is a heady pop/dance anthem that could easily be a great Ibiza tune. Kylie commands us all to “put your hands up to the sky” as presumably it will rain glitter. Constantly. Oh and did I say Whoop? No, well Whoop. Whoop indeed.

12. Music’s Too Sad Without You

It’s not hard to determine what this song is about and refers to you. Nevertheless, its a gorgeous and sumptuous duet, in the mould of “Where The Wild Roses Grow”. Jack Savoretti’s gravel voice against Kylie’s sad yet amazing vocal are a perfect combination. Lush production and sung (and I have to say listened to) with a tear in the eye. A Christmas single…very possibly.

13. Lost Without You

If you buy the extended album you get FOUR bonus tracks, but why this has been done is a mystery because if Kylie or BMG were not going to include any of these tracks on Golden then it would of been criminal. Especially with this song which, in my opinion, is by far the stand out track of this album. Powerful vocals and electric guitars laden this amazing song from beginning to end. If there was ever a follow up to “Put Yourself In My Place”, then “Lost Without You” is that song. Magnificent.

14. Every Little Part Of Me

The outstanding ‘bonus’ songs continue with this up tempo dance number, replete with high pitched singing from Kylie over the chorus, promising that “if you wanna love me, you can love every little part of me “. And you’ll love every little part of this song. Thump thump dance dance YEAH!

15. Rollin’

The B side for “Dancing” sounds like a mirrored recording of the song it’s supporting. It will keep you on your toes though and spinning around(!) that barn one last time.

16. Low Blow

Ok so this is weird! The last song on Golden is a bit alien to the rest of the album. It’s not country. It’s not Kylie. Thankfully it lasts less than three minutes and finishes abruptly. An anti climax from “Low Blow” but leaving that aside, “Golden” is an incredible album that should put Kylie back on the map and back in the charts across the world.

BONUS TRACK: Stop Me From Falling (with Gente De Zona)

And then there’s Kylie’s collaboration with Cuban reggaeton group Gente De Zona giving Latin spice and flavour to this electric track and proving wildly popular all over the world when this video was released.


After 31 years in music and over 75 millions records sold, the girl’s done good. I’ve grown up with Kylie all my life from a young teenager to ‘maturing adulthood’ and if you love Kylie, country, pop, dance, rich production and a love of music, then this is the album for you. It will probably be the only thing I listen to this year and for many years to come. Whoop.

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