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PLAYLIST: Kylie’s Greatest Number Two Hits

Celebrating all of Kylie’s hits that didn’t quite make it to the top!

Over her thirty plus year career Kylie Minogue has racked up dozens of number one albums and singles across the world, but she’s actually (perhaps unfortunately) achieved more number two’s! And I’m sure many would argue that a good percentage of them SHOULD of been a chart topper.

Since 1988, she’s stopped just short of the very top with thirty five singles (11 of them are from the UK alone!) and eight albums. So let’s celebrate all of her greatest number two’s, and also feel a little bit sad that none of them didn’t quite make it that one place higher.

So let’s start with 1988, a year in which Kylie ‘achieved’ three UK number two’s, one in Australia and six in other countries! Both “The Locomotion” and “Got To Be Certain” had topped the chart in Australia but halted just shy of the top in the UK. “Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi”/“Made In Heaven” would complete the hat trick in October that year. Similarly, “Especially For You”, which would top the UK singles chart and sell over a million copies, would bizarrely run out of steam in Australia when it reached number two! All four of these singles would chart at No.2 in Ireland, Switzerland and New Zealand during the course of the year.

In 1989 “Hand On Your Heart” reached No.2 in Finland and “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” entered and peaked at No.2 in the UK. 1990 produced, perhaps, one of the most unforgivable number two’s of Kylie’s career, when “Better The Devil You Know” spent two weeks at No.2 in May, but failed to take one more step upwards. Earlier that year “Tears On My Pillow” had reached No.2 in Ireland.

Kylie got her third No.2 in Ireland in 1991 with “Shocked” and her sixth No.2 in the UK the following year with “Give Me Just A Little More Time”. By the end of her PWL career, she had accumulated a total of sixteen No.2 singles and a No.2 album (in Australia)!

The UK kept up its tradition of Kylie number two’s when she moved to deConstruction in 1993. She scored No.2 #7 when “Confide In Me” charted at the beginning of September 1994. “Where The Wild Roses Grow” became a huge top ten hit across the world in 1995 and peaked at No.2 in Australia. Sadly the remainder the deConstruction years were lean ones that saw Kylie missing rather than hitting the higher end of the charts.

A new century and a new label would supply bucket fulls of number two’s with “On A Night Like This” and “Kids” peaking there in the UK in 2000. “Night” also made No.2 in Iceland. “Spinning Around”, Kylie’s UK and Australia No.1 comeback, peaked at No.2 in New Zealand earlier that year. “Light Years“, her first album with Parlophone reached No.2 in the UK.

Kylie’s massive 2001 album “Fever” would peak at No.2 in Greece and include the Hungarian No.2 single “In Your Eyes”, The UK No.2 hit “Love At First Sight” and the Belgian No.2 smash “Come Into My World”!

The two’s continued with “Body Language” that reached No.2 in Australia and contained the Belgian and Romanian No.2 single “Chocolate”. Kylie released her second greatest hits compilation “Ultimate Kylie” in 2004 which featured “I Believe In You” that peaked at No.2 in the UK and Denmark. By now Kylie’s tally of two’s had reached twenty eight singles and four albums!

Kylie returned in 2007 with “2 Hearts” which reached No.2 in Italy, followed by “Wow” which made No.2 in Belgium and “In My Arms” which peaked at No.2 in the Czech Republic and Turkey. In 2010 Kylie was back at No.2 in Hungary with “All The Lovers” the lead single from “Aphrodite” which peaked at No.2 in Australia, Spain and Switzerland. Kylie got another No.2 album in the UK in 2012 with “The Abbey Road Sessions”.

Kylie’s big pairing with Taio Cruz on the song “Higher” produced a number two hit in Norway and Poland. “Kiss Me Once” entered and peaked at No.2 in the UK in 2014 and her latest release “Golden” has so far made it to No.2 in Ireland. And so we reach our final figure of 35 number two singles and 8 number two albums!

So how many do you think should of gone further? Answers on a postcard.

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