PLAYLIST: Kylie's Greatest Hits (That Never Were)

PLAYLIST: Kylie’s Greatest Hits (That Never Were)

Kylie’s had some great hits over the last 30+ years, but what if these were as well…?

“I Should Be So Lucky”, “Better The Devil You Know”, “Spinning Around”, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, all big and famous hits for Kylie, but perhaps what you don’t know is that there were other planned singles that could of been just as big and famous.

We bring them together in a ‘greatest hits playlist’ that you will never be able to purchase in the shops or online. A ‘greatest hits’ that could well of been, but never was.


1. It’s No Secret

The song was released in New Zealand (No.47) and America (No.37) but never in Australia or the UK, where it eventually turned up as the B side to “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” in 1989. How big could/would it of been if it had…?!

2. Enjoy Yourself

The title track of Kylie’s second studio album in 1989 was one of the standout’s of the album and cried out to be a single – Kylie wanted it to be. Another potentially big global smash hit that never was.

3. What Do I Have To Do?

Originally scheduled to follow “Better The Devil You Know”, “What Do I Have To Do?” is another standout and a firm favourite with critics and fans alike. It was eventually released in January 1991 in a remixed format, but the original album version is far stronger.

4. If I Was Your Lover

This track was scheduled to follow “Put Yourself In My Place” in early 1995, but for whatever reason, never happened. Instead we had to wait till June to get the third and final single from “Kylie Minogue” (1994).

5. Time Will Pass You By

Planned as the fourth and final single from her debut release with deconstruction in September, but instead Kylie released her duet with Nick Cave “Where The Wild Roses Grow”. With M People production, this could of seen a return to the top ten for Kylie…

6. Cowboy Style

Released in Australia (No.39) as the final single from “Impossible Princess“, but perhaps because of the poor reception the album and singles received in the UK, it was never released in any other territory.

7. Your Disco Needs You

Originally planned as the follow up to “Spinning Around”, this epic anthem was usurped by the incoming “On A Night Like This” and was only later issued in Australia (No.20) and Germany (No.31), but how massive would it of been globally had it been an earlier release…?

8. Promises

Rumoured to of been the second single from “Body Language” after “Slow”, but instead “Red Blooded Woman” came out in March 2004. Only three singles were released from the album. This should of been number four.

9. White Diamond

Kylie’s ‘comeback’ song after her two year battle and treatment for breast cancer was premiered on her Showgirl Homecoming tour of 2006-07, although “2 Hearts” and the album “X” were less than a year away, this could of been a big single to tie in with the tour and a major hit across the world, in both pop and ballad form!

10. Sensitized

In total five singles were released from “X” in 2007-08, but with hindsight, how big would this popular track of been as a single??

11. Aphrodite

The title track from Kylie’s 2010 album is a stirring number that potentially could of been a much bigger hit than “Better Than Today” was. It reached No.25 on the Belgium airplay chart, but nothing more.

12. Skirt

A ‘taster’ from Kylie in 2013 of what was to come, but “Skirt” was not included on “Kiss Me Once” (2014) and nor was it released as a single, despite it topping the US Dance hot play chart!

13. Million Miles

A superb, classy dance number from the same pen and studio as “Get Outta My Way”, this track cried out for Summer 2014 release with the potential for some amazing mixes too. It was ‘released to radio’ in Spain, but that was just not enough.

14. Sexy Love

Rumoured/planned as the third single from “Kiss Me Once“, but perhaps with the infuriating lack of support or marketing from both Parlophone and Roc Nation, it never happened.

15. Sexercize

Released as a promotional track from “Kiss Me Once“, this saucy number topped the US Dance hot play chart and had an even more racier video made, which has been seen over eleven million times on YouTube, but how about a global commercial release…

16. Beautiful

Another “Kiss Me Once” track badly promoted and left-out-to-dry. A killer worldwide smash could of happened with more performances by both singers, particularly in the US, and who knows, Christmas number one 2014…???

17. Black Or White

Kylie teamed up with Shaggy for this cool, chilled number that even had a video made for it, but sadly fell by the wayside and was almost unnoticed by many.

18. 100 Degrees

Kylie recorded with her younger sister Dannii for the first time since they performed “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” on Australian TV in the mid-1980’s and this camp, disco classic featured on her “Kylie Christmas” album of 2015, but how big would it of been as a Christmas hit single…?

19. Sincerely Yours

Potential singles from “Golden” – this soon…dare I go there? Oh yes I dare! How massive would this standout track of been worldwide, especially in America, with a rousing video a la Katie Perry. There, I put it in writing!

20. Lost Without You

One of the greatest tracks from “Golden“, relegated to a bonus track on the deluxe edition and performed by Kylie on her Golden Tour, “Lost Without You” cries out for a video and commercial release. Even Kylie thinks so. Another opportunity for a big video, filmed on location and with the right marketing strategy, an enormous worldwide hit.

And then of course there’s the whole “Sleepwalker” issue…!

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