EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: 'Hey Joe' - Frankie Laine

EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘Hey Joe’ – Frankie Laine

What was the number one song in the UK on 24th September 1953?

By Steve McSteveface

“Hey Joe” by Frankie Laine was Number One on 24th October 1953 and it remained at number one for 2 weeks. Now this is a fast paced, choo-choo train type of a song. I’m not sure who “Joe” is but Frankie seems to like him.

Have a listen, it’s 2 minutes of pure nostalgia from an different time altogether…


Hey Joe” is a 1953 popular song written by Boudleaux Bryant. It was recorded by Carl Smith for Columbia Records on 19 May 1953 and spent eight weeks at #1 on the U.S. country music chart.

This marked Bryant’s first number-one record. He later wrote songs with his wife Felice for The Everly Brothers.

A cover version, sung by Frankie Laine and produced by Mitch Miller, reached number one in the UK Singles Chart in October 1953.

It was Laine’s second UK chart topper, but unlike his long-lasting “I Believe”, it only stayed in the chart for eight weeks, after reaching number one in its second week on the chart. That week Laine had three singles in the chart, which at that time consisted only of twelve songs. The following week, Laine’s third number one hit in the UK, “Answer Me”, entered the chart, giving Laine one third of all records on the listing.

Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley recorded a new version of the song with the modified title: “Hey Joe, Hey Moe”, with lyrics specially rewritten for the project by Boudleaux Bryant, as the title song to a duet album issued in 1981. The song, released as the lead single to the album, was a top-10 country hit that year.


“Hey Joe
Where’d you find that pretty girly
Where’d you get that jolly dolly
How’d you make me wish that dish was mine

Hey joe 
She’s got skin that’s creamy dreamy
Eyes that look so lovey dovey
Lips as red as cherry berry wine
Now listen Joe
I ain’t no heal
But oh buddy let me tell you how I feel
She’s honey she’s a sheriff
I am warning you I’m gonna try to steal 
Her from you
Hey Joe
Though we’ve been the best of friends 
This is where that friendship ends
I gotta have that dolly for my own
Hey joe
See’mon let’s be buddy buddy
Show me your my palsey walsey
Introduce that pretty little chick to me
Hey Joe
Lets quit that hesitatin’
Let me at her what’s the matter
Your as slow as any Joe can be
Now see’mon Joe I ain’t no heal
Let dance with her to see if she is real
She’s the cutest girl I’ve ever seen 
I tell you face to face I mean to steal
Her from you
Hey Joe
We’ll be friends until the end
But this looks like the end my friend
I gotta have that dolly for my own
I gotta have that dolly for my own

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