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NEWS: Judy Cheeks Announces ‘A Deeper Love’

Celebrate 2019 with the brand new album “A Deeper Love” from Judy Cheeks!

by Christopher Smith

Judy Cheeks A Deeper Love

What news we bring of our friend Judy Cheeks! Hot on the heels of last years amazing album “Danger Zone“, Judy announces yet another brand new collection of material to share with us all: “A Deeper Love”!

We brought you news of “Danger Zone” late last Summer and got exclusive access to the lady herself when we talked to her about the album and her love of music one-to-one. Judy is releasing a series of trailers before the album launches on 13th February:

For more than four decades, the voice of Judy Cheeks has been ringing out all over the world. Her fans or ‘friends’ as she calls them have shown great love and appreciation for her talent as a singer and songwriter but also love her very personal and approachable manner on and off the stage. Every song she sings is more like a conversation with a friend rather than a commercial loop to encourage sales.

It was her love and concern for a very dear friend that led to the release of her glorious 2018 album “Danger Zone“. Knowing how ill her friend was she sat at the piano and wrote a song just for him. She played it over the phone and brought him to tears. Seeing how happy it made him, Judy decided to send him other songs she had written that had just been sitting around… Her friend loved them so much he encouraged her to release them.

Because she felt it would give him joy she allowed him to handle the project without limits. There were no elaborate marketing schemes in place, no expensive promotion plots or even expectations of great success, but through word of mouth, an act of love for a friend, “Danger Zone“, blessed the lives of many and became a hot item among Judy’s fans with rave reviews from people she had no idea would be listening. So, the love continues, Shaun O’Shea is defying all the doctors and is still putting his efforts into sharing his friend and her music with the world.

With her latest release, “A Deeper Love”, Judy Cheeks gives her fans 14 powerful songs that deliver everything they expect from her and more! “A Deeper Love” takes us on a journey of life through stories and melodies delivered so beautifully they leave you wanting more. It’s funky, it’s intimate, it’s fun and its soothing….it’s simply, Judy Cheeks and the way she loves.

Amen to that!

Check out the sensational “Danger Zone” here

A Deeper Love” is released on February 13th

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