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REVIEW: ‘A Deeper Love’ – Judy Cheeks

Judy Cheeks – “A Deeper Love”

Hot on the heals of last year’s “Danger Zone“, soul and dance legend Judy Cheeks follows that amazing album up with yet another, “A Deeper Love”, released today. So what’s it like? Well here is a track-by-track rundown of everything to move and groove to.

1. Gotta Love A Different Way

We start with a journey back to the early 1980’s R’n’B-dance that will have you up on your feet in a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ kinda way!

2. Till The End Of Time

Soulful and sexy harmonies and vocals abound with a definite R&B bass for this next track that will move you just a little bit closer to someone on the dance floor!

3. Back Off!

More ‘deeper’ funk and blues rhythms now with a very strong and clear message from the chorus – “back off! I don’t need you attitude”! Gosh!

4. Give Me All Of Your Love

Gorgeous soul-funk grooves with this early 80’s-esque jam-fantasia now as Judy ‘demands’ you give her ALL of your love! I surrender!

5. Cover Me

An uptempo groovy number with a definite 90’s soul backing track to it – “woooh woooh” sings Judy again and again – if you like Massive Attack, you will love this song.

6. Dance With A Stranger

More soulful rhythms and harmonies with a hint of gospel now with some superb saxophone (always a plus) towards the end. This is one of the most outstanding tracks of “A Deeper Love” DO NOT MISS IT!

7. I Get Strength From You

Wow! A sexy and smoking 80’s soul ballad, you can almost smell the smoke-filled midnight bar environment as Judy oozes and schmoozes with lines like “I feel warm in your presence”. “Move Closer”? Move over more like!

8. Have A Little Faith

Judy takes us back to the 90’s with a nod to her classic hit “Reach” and her superb gospel voice ‘reaching’ up to the roof against a mid-tempo bass groove.

9. Security

The funky “Security” breezes in grabs your attention throughout as you “search for security”. Power vocals from Judy as she shakes you from your head to your toes. A highlight!

10. Maybe This Time

Yet more funky beats and 80’s soul grooving with an infectious chorus that will have you tapping and moving and wanting to play it many times over!

11. That Ain’t Love

“That Ain’t Love” feels very 70’s, Chaka Khan/Sister Sledge style but with a Motown funky beat running through it. Lush and sublime, one certainly not to be missed.

12. Is This The Way To Do It

Judy goes back to the 70’s with this lush and sexy ballad that just melts on the tongue. Perfect for a romantic night in by the fire with someone you love.

13. One Look

More gorgeous 80’s down tempo soul-dance now with passion and sensuality added for good measure. Judy knows how to light that fire

14. A Deeper Love

90’s soul closes the album with the title track with some more tender vocals from Judy that builds with power and distinction in the final half. A strong and worthy finale to a gorgeous album.


Well, Judy does it again. So soon after the electric “Danger Zone“, Judy takes us on a trip through four consecutive decades of music and musical styles, each time stamping her inimitable mark on each track and staking her claim as one of the foremost singers of her generation. If you’ve followed Judy through the years then this album is a must have. Something to suit all tastes and genres from soul and gospel laden 70’s beginnings to 80’s electronica, 90’s rhythms and dance to current, R’n’B/funk that will demonstrate to her younger peers just how to stay in the business forty plus years and give your fans exactly what they want and know what they want.

You can purchase “A Deeper Love” on itunes, amazon.com or amazon.co.uk and experience one of the world’s most outstanding voice’s and talent at her very best.

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