REVIEW: 'Halfway There' - Busted

REVIEW: ‘Halfway There’ – Busted

Written by The Lazy Music Reviewer

This is the latest review by the Lazy Music Reviewer. He is too busy listening to and promoting lots of awesome music (ahem and has a full time job) that he simply doesn’t have time to do an in-depth review (or maybe he is just not a good enough writer to write one – you decide) but he still wants to “review”.

So, the way he works is he will sum up each song in just a few words (sometimes even one word – he’s just that lazy) and then also link via other people’s words to other more in depth reviews (because he’s wicked and he’s lazy) for your reading pleasure because it’s always good to get more than one person’s opinion, right?


Busted are an English pop rock band from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, consisting of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson. Formed in 2000, the band had four UK number-one singles, won two Brit awards and have released four studio albums, selling in excess of five million records. The band released – Busted (2002) and A Present for Everyone (2003) – before disbanding in January 2005. Following the split, all three members pursued separate musical careers: Simpson as the frontman for the post-hardcore band Fightstar, Bourne as the lead singer of pop punk band Son of Dork and Willis as a solo artist.

In November 2013, Willis and Bourne announced plans to tour together with McFly as the “supergroup” McBusted in 2014, and this continued into 2015. On 10 November 2015, it was revealed that Simpson had rejoined Busted after successful secret writing sessions. The band then embarked on the Pigs Can Fly arena tour in May 2016 and released their third studio album, Night Driver, on 25 November 2016.

On 26 October 2018, Busted announced their fourth album Half Way There, released on 1 February 2019, as well as a UK arena tour.

Let’s find out more about the new album…

1 – Nineties

“yes, yes – these are our memories!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

it’s obvious they’ve returned to doing what they do best: writing solid pop-rock tunes“, Dead Press

“a sonic time capsules with nostalgic themes”, Sputnik Music

2 – Reunion

“good to have ‘Busted’ back!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

an upbeat song with plenty of punchy guitar riffs that hones in on the idea of catching up with old friends“, Culture Fly

the pop-punk anthem is trademark Busted“, Dead Press

3 – What Happened To Your Band?

don’t ever leave us again!“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

about the band’s split, which is given a new lease of life amidst this album of stylistic throwbacks and retro Busted vibes to become one of the album’s stand-out tracks“, Culture Fly

its inclusion is still a bit of a cop out“, Dead Press

4 – Shipwrecked In Atlantis

now we know what happened next!“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

the second part of the Air Hostess story“, Celeb Mix

light-hearted, a load of fun, and by far the best track on the album“, Dead Press

5 – Race To Mars

out of this world!“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

takes a look at the space race in a tribute to Elon Musk and Tesla“, Culture Fly

6 – All My Friends

I do love a good Busted acoustic track“, The Lazy Reviewer

acoustic, simple yet effective“, Dead Press

7 – MIA

festival fantastic“, The Lazy Reviewer

a song which in the freezing cold gives that summer fun vibe“, Celeb Mix

8 – Radio

windows down, volume up“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

radio friendly and aptly titled“, Dead Press

9 – Nostalgia

air guitar, check, Busted jump, check“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

Inoffensive, cookie-cutter tune“, Sputnik Music

screams Busted are back to their tongue in cheek lyrical ways“, Celeb Mix

10 – It Happens

fantastic album closer“, The Lazy Reviewer

a pseudo autobiography for the band and their career to date“, Culture Fly

a recap of the band’s history and sub-sequential future“, Dead Press

What are your thoughts? Can you sum this album up in one sentence? Go on – be lazy, you know you want to!

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