Quinn Lewis premieres his new single and video for “Hanging On”.

by Christopher Smith

Quinn Lewis Hanging On

Today, Australian pop singer-songwriter Quinn Lewis debuts “Hanging On”. The new single marks his first release since signing with Arista/Small Giant Records.

“Hanging On” is accompanied by an official music video directed by Nick Leopold that showcases Quinn caught between fantasy vs. reality. Featuring a swamp-like atmosphere and a ‘70s-styled motel room submerged in water, the video quite literally finds Quinn stuck with no way out – which is what the song is all about.

“‘Hanging On’ is about a girl who I knew wasn’t into the relationship but who kept pulling me back in,” Quinn explains. “Finally, I told her, ‘You can’t keep me hanging on like this, you’ve just gotta cut the cord and let me go.’” Of the video, Quinn Lewis says: “Shooting the video for ‘Hanging On’ was pretty surreal. Nick and I went back and forth quite a bit to make sure every detail was perfect and spoke to the vibe of the song. When I shot this video, I felt all of the same emotions that I needed to get out in the song and what I felt during the relationship it’s inspired by”.

Building on the soulful sincerity in recent releases like “Weekend Luv” and “In Between,” Quinn further reveals his song-craft with “Hanging On.” Along with showing his gift for creating heart-melting melodies, the song brilliantly contrasts its bittersweet undercurrent with bright beats and urgent vocal work. “One of the things I’d like to get across with my music is that however you’re feeling and whatever you’re going through, it’s all okay,” says the Australia-born 22-year-old. “I’d love for people to walk away knowing that you can be confident in your sadness, or confident in feeling like you’re out of place”.

Born in Brisbane, Quinn relocated to the U.S. and is currently living in Nashville. Quinn’s first release, “Slipping,” hit #1 on Hype Machine, while the follow-up singles “In Between” and “Weekend Luv” both received widespread DSP support. Following his breakout success, Quinn inked a deal with Arista/Small Giant Records.

As he continues to turn out new material. Quinn’s main mission is to sustain and deepen the unaffected honesty he’s always instilled into his music. Mostly it’s about trying to reach someone out there who feels like they’re sticking out like a sore thumb, and let them know they’re not alone in caring about someone too much. “The thing that got me writing songs in the first place is the thing that keeps me going today”.

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Written by aylshamchris

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