FRESH: 'NIKOLVS' - The Light

FRESH: ‘The Light’ – NIKOLVS

Let The Light In

By Steve McSteveface

NIKOLVS is a singer/songwriter from Athens who is currently burning bright!

The Light is his second self-distributed single and is considered as a fresh contemporary pop song dedicated to a specific person, his other half.

Awww, how sweet, right?

“I believe that a song that is recorded in a home studio, without many means or expensive equipment can move people’s ears and entertain them, based on the feeling and the positive meaning of the song.”

At the age of 23, he decided to start working on his own music after flirting for a long of time with that idea. After weeks of working and experimenting at his home studio, in his own room, NIKOLVS achieved to see his first tracks coming to life.

His main belief is that music is a true healing procedure for him, as there is nothing more satisfying for him than listening to many songs every day from known or unknown artists and observe how they are built and considering the whole process as an art process.

His wish is to get his music heard worldwide. He has a strong belief that the digital era gives many opportunities to new artists to show their work to the audience.

Inspired by many break through artists who are lately becoming well-known to the audience, like Lauv, Allie X, Jeremy Zucker, MO and Charlie Puth.

He is also a fan of classic pop idols like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake and he admires Jessie J’s vocals.

Oh dear NIKOLVS – it was all going so well until you mentioned the J word!

Of course you want more so take a listen to some other songs on Spotify.

FRESH: 'NIKOLVS' - The Light

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