FRESH: 'Mother Monster Mashup' - CORVYX

FRESH: ‘Mother Monster Mashup’ – CORVYX

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By Steve McSteveface

Untethered vocalist, fashion icon, accomplished actress, revered singer/songwriter, provocative visual artist, and now, the ENIGMA.

Since 2008, LADY GAGA has knocked down every obstacle and
reigned as not only a pop phenomenon, but a force of the entertainment industry. Blazing a similar trail, native New Yorker and emerging recording artist, CORVYX has been climbing the ranks with his striking and captivating cover music videos on YouTube.

FRESH: 'Mother Monster Mashup' - CORVYX

A first for his channel, CORVYX decided to go BIG with a MONSTER tribute/mashup honoring the discography of GAGA.

Dripping with nostalgia, energy, and originality, CORVYX reimagines sonic staples of the Gaga eras we know and love.

Covering and remixing over TEN iconic records from albums such as The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, and ARTPOP, anyone that’s listened to music in the last ten years will be gawking over the seamlessness and stimulating visuals of this mashup!

FRESH: 'Mother Monster Mashup' - CORVYX

Choreography, Fashion, GAGA and powerhouse vocals is a recipe for internet virality! Blurring the lines and existing within the realms of pop sub-genres, CORVYX has fashioned his own enigmatic blend of Alternative, Mainstream Pop, and Dark-Pop.

This unorthodox approach captivates a ‘left of center’ demographic as well as mainstream listeners/viewers alike.

Notorious for his provocative, and sometimes shocking takes on your favorite current and past artists, CORVYX’s YouTube channel has garnered over 5 million views and nearly 60,000 Subscribers.


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FRESH: 'Mother Monster Mashup' - CORVYX

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