FRESH: ‘Remedy’ – Kristiāna

Latvian singer/songwriter Kristiāna launches “Remedy” as her bid to represent the country at Eurovision 2019!

by Christopher Smith

Latvian singer and songwriter Kristiāna has launched her electric single “Remedy” in a bid to represent her country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and by all accounts, she stands a good chance of winning Supernova 2019 – Latvia’s National selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2019, of which she is already a semi finalist!

Kristiāna (born Kristiāna Bumbiere) made her debut in June 2017 with her original song “Guiding Light”. In November 2018 her debut album “Nejaušības” (“Random”) with four original songs in English and two in Latvian was released, including the track “Remedy”.

Kristiāna says of the track and the album “It’s draft came at the beginning of this year with the very first phrase – “All of these coincidences…” and a sense of fragile, heart-warming love. And this feeling was very easily dressed in words and melody”.

And judging by the quality of “Remedy” and the rest of her album, Kristiāna should make it big on the world stage both as a gifted songwriter and with her striking voice, even if she doesn’t go all the way in Supernova.

Wishing you all the best Kristiāna…!

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