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FRESH: ‘Sweet Harmony’ – Born Stranger

Born Stranger release their version of The Beloved’s classic “Sweet Harmony”.

Rising electronic pop artist Born Stranger brings back a 90’s classic with his cover of The Beloved‘s “Sweet Harmony” available now on Radikal Records. Produced by Harry Tarlton and mixed by Yoad Nevo (Sia, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp), Born Stranger’s updated spin on the track sits well alongside artists such as Daft Punk, Maroon 5 and The Weeknd. Powered by its bright guitars, synths and soulful vocals, Born Stranger has crafted another infectious pop groove.

The artist says of the song “Sweet Harmony” is one of those 90’s classics that everyone has heard before, but for the most part, forgotten about. I was listening to the track last year and thought it needed to be heard by this generation. It’s a song about putting your differences aside and looking at the big picture. I think the message of unity is relevant more than ever right now”.

“Sweet Harmony” was released in February 1993 and reached No.8 in the UK and No.23 on the US Hot Club play chart as well as being a top ten hit across Europe.  Jon Marsh and Steve Waddington aka The Beloved formed in 1983 and first hit the charts in 1989 with “The Sun Rising” and again in 1990 with “Hello”. Waddington left the group in 1991 and was replaced by Marsh’s wife Helena. “Sweet Harmony” was the lead single from their fourth studio album “Conscience” and is remembered for the nude video, featuring Marsh and a ‘harem’ of men and women all naked (one of which is TV presenter Tess Daly!), although it was filmed in such a way that nothing too risky was seen and therefore escaped any censoring.

Born Stranger are David Maddox Jones and Raife Hacking. The influence of classic acts along with a passion for modern production and songwriting is the inspiration for Born Stranger; big production, massive hooks with a fresh feel yet with classic songwriting steeped in the boldness of the 1980’s via 2016. Raised on hymns with no television or radio, David started writing songs when he was 7. “When you learn to do something so young it becomes a part of you.” Raife was a drummer growing up and only later got into production after being hugely inspired by Anthony Gonzalez writing and production in M83. You can hear that epic, bold style all over first single “The Fire & The Flame” which is an ode to lost young love. The band say “It’s that moment of realisation when you suddenly know that you and your childhood are just not meant for each other any-more,” set to a backdrop of big synth hooks, drums and riffs It looks certain to be their 1st outing.

Born Stranger really started life in early 2015 when, frustrated with their current situation, they contacted Kwame Kwaten via Claire Coulton, with some demos for an album they had just finished. “There’s potential, great songs but needs something extra In the production” were Kwame’s first words to the band about 30 minutes after the first email was sent. He promptly set up a meeting with Claire and the band to discuss a way forward-Claire soon after joined Ferocious Talent Management with Born Stranger.

Born Stranger are inspired by pop music with a deeper layer, a hidden darkness. They draw inspiration from any of their favourite Artists – Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode right through to The Weeknd or Sia. A great pop song speaks to everyone of us and resonates because it expresses our most human desires and makes sense of the world, creating a shared experience.

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