FRESH: ‘Just A Minute’ – Melandru feat. Christinartnd

DJ and producer Melandru releases his brand new tropical house track “Just A Minute”.

by Christopher Smith

Dutch DJ and producer Melandru has teamed up with English session singer Christina Rotondo aka Christinartnd for his strikingly cool dance anthem “Just A Minute”.

The song is about a couple who just broke up because the girl doesn’t love the guy anymore, but she still desires him for self-satisfaction and lingers around him. This way, she keeps him under her control. The guy wants to be with her forever, but she just wants him ‘for a Minute’, leaves and comes back when she feels like it. This reflects back to her as a human being, because she herself struggles what she wants and figuratively falls in a well. She knows what she does is wrong, but she can’t find a way out. This results that both of them lose themselves in the process.

Melandru, also known as Darnell Triebel, was born in Amsterdam. He discovered his passion for music in his teenage-years when he started spinning in local clubs and slowly diving into DAW’s to create music. After recognizing he had a feeling for music, he quickly picked up the pace by producing tracks, bootlegs, remixes and sets. Next to that he started attending piano-lessons as well.

Now he is ready to take on the world and continue his adventure. With his finished education and his experience in performing at many clubs and parties in the Netherlands, he is a few steps closer to realizing his new dream, which is to become a successful musician.

For more about Melandru, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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