REVIEW: 'Life' - Culture Club

REVIEW: ‘Life’ – Culture Club

Give Us Life!

Written by Spencer Carter

‘Life’, is the first Culture Club album in nearly 20 years, after 1999’s ‘Don’t Mind if I Do.’

For fans of the group, you will know that it comes years after the band’s regrouping in 2014, and the now (whispersquitelyforitshouldneverbementioned) 18 track ‘Tribes’ album.

The album that never was, the album that never saw light of day, the forgotten period. Indeed, one can only presume it is sitting somewhere in a vault, feeling very unloved as the band have confirmed it will never see light of day.

REVIEW: 'Life' - Culture Club

But I digress – back to the here and now with the band’s (now badged as Boy George and Culture Club) new album ‘Life’.

Thankfully, the album doesn’t disappoint.

It’s an eclectic mix of different styles, genres and influences.

Although George’s voice has matured and deepened with age, unlike some of his contemporaries, it now comes with a
more natural and raw sense of emotional angst.

Which lends itself perfectly to the new tracks, particularly the album opener ‘God & Love’ which sounds like it could have been delivered direct from a church sermon somewhere from the deepest part of Georgia.

Other tracks include the club influenced ‘Resting Bitch Face’.

Also the standout player ‘Let Somebody Love You‘ which was the lead single from the album.

And a killer return to form that deserved a far higher chart placing than what it was awarded.

The album is largely dominated by reggae and soul and for an 80s loving soul boy from London Town, that ‘aint a bad thing.

‘Life’ can sit proud amongst an impressive back catalogue.

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