FRESH: ‘What Kind Of Woman?” – Ruthie

British singer Ruthie makes her first steps to stardom with her debut single “What Kind Of Woman?”!

by Christopher Smith

Ruthie – real name Naomi Baguley – has just released her debut track “What Kind Of Woman?”. Hailing from Leeds, the 23-year-old songwriter and musician demonstrates her potential with “What Kind Of Woman?”. The track combines Baguley’s effortless, goosebump-inducing vocals, piano hooks, girl group backing harmonies and a soaring psych tinged guitar solo.

“What Kind Of Woman?” feels like a cathartic journey for both songwriter and listener. “Asking the question “What Kind Of Woman?” gave me a way of thinking about who I could be after I lost an identity I had relied on for a long time”, says Baguley. “In a time of great upheaval, I wanted to find a new way of living that embraced solitude, and found strength in vulnerability”.

After a year of studying in Berlin and the breakdown of her relationship, Baguley returned to Leeds to link up with Ben Lewis, her creative partner and former bandmate of Bruising, to write and demo a collection of material dealing with the personal struggle of how one comes to terms with, and eventually overcomes, pain and loss. “What Kind Of Woman?” serves as an introduction to that journey.

Ruthie’s style blends effortless pop songs steeped in 70s nostalgia with Baguley’s unmistakable talent for articulating the most intimate and personal of thoughts. With music that is contemporary but imbued in tradition and storytelling, Ruthie’s cathartic journey will surely connect with the world over.


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