Dark Minds

FRESH: ‘Dark Minds’ EP – WinterBeach

Norwegian band WinterBeach release their debut EP “Dark Minds”.

by Christopher Smith

“Dark Minds” is the title track from the debut EP from Norwegian indie-synth-pop trio WinterBeach. This is a collection of 5 powerful and memorable songs, each beautifully constructed, each with their own distinctively anthemic chorus. The EP is a cross between Muse without guitars, Depeche Mode with pop refrains and Keane after electroshock treatment.

WinterBeach are an electronic Darkwave/Indie pop/Indie rock band consisting of Tiam (vocals), Angel (synth) and Baz (drums). All three hail from Bergen, Norway, a vibrant, pulsing city of extreme weather and dramatic landscapes, which has fundamentally inspired and infused the expansive, darkly orchestral synth soundscapes created by them.

The band members have a wealth of experience from a large variety of musical genres – from the darkest death metal, through every variant of rock and pop, to classical and techno. With this knowledge of such a range of different styles, WinterBeach have somehow managed to cleverly mix these together and, by additionally stripping away guitars and embracing 100% synthesized music, meld a completely unique sound.

For more about WinterBeach, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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