FRESH: ‘This Is Love’ – GoodNight The Satellite

US synth-pop group GoodNight The Satellite release their brand new single “This Is Love”.

by Christopher Smith

Brooklyn synth-pop group GoodNight the Satellite (GNTS) release their first new track of 2019, “This Is Love”, a lush, uplifting electro-pop number with a tinge of 80’s retro thrown in for good measure.

GNTS are a contemporary Brooklyn synth-pop band with a nod to the nostalgic. After spending years on the road with professional acappella groups, frontman Sam Nulton infuses GNTS’ songs with thick vocal harmonies. Utilizing the broad network of NYC musicians, GNTS creates tunes with the help of the best artists in the industry.

The group burst onto the music scene in 2016 with their debut “Run Away” with “This Is Love” being their sixth official single release. In 2017 the group released a light and bubbly version of Go West’s 1990 hit “King Of Wishful Thinking”.

Dreamy synths and melodies to dance along to are what drives GNTS into the future – and we look forward to many more great songs from this progressive band to come!

For more about GNTS, check out their official FACEBOOK page

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