FRESH: ‘The Words’ – Zustra

Emerging musical project Zustra releases her thought-provoking new single “The Words”.

by Christopher Smith

Zustra is the music project by Croatian-born and Berlin-based singer/songwriter Ariana Zustra. The single “The Words” is produced by Tim Tautorat (Pharrell Williams, Manic Street Preachers, The Kooks, et al.) in the famous Hansa Studios near the former Berlin Wall (David Bowie, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode recorded there).

“The Words” follows her debut release “Make Sense”, both have been described as ‘dark dream pop that develops into a full blown James Bond theme’ (Poule d’Or). For both tracks, Zustra is accompanied by drummer and producer Danny Weber. The Brooklyn music blog Audibl.Wav has written about Zustra that they were “gripped into a dream-like state with visions of sharing philosophies on love, life and loss with this gorgeous-PJ-Harvey-like voice”.

Zustra herself tells us here at talkaboutpopmusic.com “As a music journalist I write (and talk) about pop music for Musikexpress, Spiegel Online, radio eins, among other media in Germany – but as much as I love my job, my heart beats for making music myself“. We think she has found the right vocation for her talents.

For more about Zustra, check out her official FACEBOOK page

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