Saint Barae

FRESH: ‘Boy From Mars’ – Saint Barae

Pop star Saint Barae releases his new single “Boy From Mars”!

by Christopher Smith

“Boy from Mars” is Saint Barae’s most exciting project yet, it’s an 80’s feel good funk track with a modern twist – spanning decades of musical influences from Daft Punk to more recent artists such as Tame Impala. Beyond its timelessly retro sound this song is special to me given its unapologetic queerness – it’s my coming out party made in song form.

Equal parts colourful and chaotic, Saint Barae is the quintessential synthpop artist you’ve been waiting for. At 23, this DIY pop star is blasting off into the stratosphere, with a retrowave sound that captures the emotional thrill and nostalgia of being young and reckless. In this context, his new single “Boy from Mars” is Barae at his most brilliant and peculiar.

He explains “Mars is a story of feeling like an alien among men, and ultimately learning how to celebrate that strangeness as your greatest strength”.

Sonically this sci-fi inspired single pays homage to dance floor filling music greats such as Daft Punk and Michael Jackson, with a synth-funk fusion that can only be described as a disco of otherworldly proportions. This Aussie alien is heading home to mars in a technicolored rocket, and he’s invited us all to join him.

For more about Saint Barae, check out his official FACEBOOK page

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