FRESH: ‘Reckless’ – WYLDR

US pop artist WYLDR releases her second single “Reckless”.

by Christopher Smith

WYLDR is a brand new pop artist out of Portland, OR releasing her debut EP in early 2019. Catchy, upbeat, and rhythmical pop songs are decorated with her honey sweet vocals. She is creating a kind of ear candy that many are becoming quickly addicted to and blogging about. “Reckless” is the second taster of the EP, the follow up to “Runaway”.

WYLDR (Anna Gilbert) is writing pop music that is meant to ignite the nostalgic feelings of a childhood crush. She sings about the overwhelm, the playfulness, and the tension of what is and what could be between two people with a budding connection. WYLDR’s music is upbeat and dance worthy with a lyrical focus on the undeniable push and pull of blossoming romance.

“Runaway”, featuring epic, reverberant guitars with a prom night desperation, was released in January, so 2019 promises to be a big year for her both in exposure and recognition. WYLDR will have you hooked in the first listen!

For more about WYLDR, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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