Nick Vaughan

FRESH: ‘Sleep Alone’ – Nick Vaughan

US bedroom/electro pop artist Nick Vaughan has released his cute new track “Sleep Alone”.

by Christopher Smith

Nick Vaughan is certainly moving upwards in the music industry. His latest release, “Sleep Alone”, is his fourth in less than a year since his debut EP “Waterfall”.

Nick’s five track “Waterfall” is full of honest, simple numbers that deal with, well, love! Don’t be fooled by Nick’s often sweet vocals, there is much pain and frustration throughout his introductory offering.

Nick followed “Waterfall” with the songs “Coastline” and the groovy “Back And Forth”. In “Sleep Alone”, Nick reels us in with more of his gorgeous, heartfelt vocals but it’s quite obvious he’s still hurting and wants to “Sleep Alone”. Poor Nick! We look forward to more from Nick in the future.

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