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NEWS: ‘Pop Muzik’ Hits 40 and 30!

40 Years of “New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody talk about pop muzik”, with a 30 year update!

Yes, forty years have now passed since M (Robin Scott) released his weirdly sounding, futuristic ditty “Pop Muzik” and how appropriate for us here at talkaboutpopmusic.com to…well, talk about “Pop Muzik”!

I was two years old when it was released, so I can hardly remember it at all at the time, but it’s one of those songs, like “Video Killed The Radio Star” that never weathers with age or time and still sounds advanced today as it did back in early 1979.

It seems that the world wanted something weird and different that year, judging by the runaway success of the single, topping the charts in ten countries around the world, including America (it stopped at No.2 in the UK) and making the top five in total of twenty countries across five continents! To date it has sold over a million copies in the US and a further four million outside of The States.

Robert re-booted the song ten years later and in the Summer of 1989 it entered the UK top twenty peaking at No.15, and it’s this version that I can associate with more than the original. Nevertheless, as time marches on, we as human beings seem to regress backwards and now it’s the effortless brilliance of M’s 1979 original that still penetrates over and over, again and again in the brain.

The video for “Pop Muzik” was directed by Brian Grant in a time when music videos were largely ignored. It cost £2000 (£10,000 in today’s money) to make and first aired on The Kenny Everett Video Show. It wasn’t until MTV launched in 1981 that the video was broadcast globally and the song gained exposure in America. To date is is still one of the most popular music videos on MTV. Grant would go on to direct videos for The Human League, Duran Duran and many others.

“Pop, pop, pop muzik
Eenie, meenie, mienie, mo
Whichever way you wanna go
Talk about
Pop muzik”


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